Get Out and Experience

While in the crazy mix of school, work and overall life, sometimes our daily lives feel like a big mashup of random moments. We grow so accustomed to going through the motions of life that we forget to also enjoy it. Many of us have multiple assignments to complete, exams to study for, internships and jobs to handle. While this is all important, we must remember to take time and really relish our lives so we do not just let our time as college students slip away. 

Going out and experiencing all that your campus and city has to offer is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and even find a new passion/interest. Something I believe that all women should try at least once in their lifetime is burlesque dancing. You will see me write about burlesque dancing regularly, that reason being because I believe in the core message of burlesque. As the famous Dita Von Teese once said “Being sexy isn’t about what men want, or how your body looks. It’s a certain inner confidence, a comfort level. When you learn something about yourself and what makes you happy.” 

All women are beautiful, different and unique in their own individual way. Often we’re told that there is only one way to appear beautiful or desirable which is not true. Burlesque shatters that idea and gives women a better more seductive way of expressing her own sexual deviance. Get a group of women together and take a group dance class or organize to have a class taught at school so multiple women can join in! In many cities you can find some form of burlesque classes. It’s a great way to build self-confidence, express body positivity and to express your sexuality. Not only will going to a burlesque class make you feel more confident, you will also build a community of women that are dedicated to boosting you up and letting you know that you are beautiful. You’ll start to make real connections and build some lasting relationships.