Fall Decor

By Taylor Roby

Welcome to the Decor section of UH Her Campus! While being stuck at home for the past six months, your space can start to get boring. But a new season is the perfect excuse to revamp your room! Here are some of my favorite ways to transform your room into a cozy, fall paradise.

  1. 1. Strands of autumn leaves 

    Have extra wall space that you don’t know what to do with? These autumn leaves vines are the easiest way to make your room fall ready! The warm colors will cozy up your room immediately and will bring the fall leaves we don’t get in Houston, to your room!

  2. 2. Twinkle lights

    If you’ve been considering hanging up twinkle lights in your room since you created that tumblr account in 2013, fall is the perfect time to do so! These lights create the best fall atmosphere without having to leave your room. My favorite thing about these though is the fact that you can leave them up year-round! 

  3. 3. Throw pillows/blankets

    There’s nothing better than being curled up and watching your favorite halloween movies while snuggling up in bed. But how to make your bed ready for fall? Throw pillows and blankets are the quickest way! You can find these anywhere, but these are my favorite. 

  4. 4. Ceramic pumpkins

    Upset dorm rules prevent you from having real plants/pumpkins? Although they’re not exactly the same, these decorative pumpkins will still get you in the fall mood (and you can reuse them every year!) 

  5. 5. Candles

    And last but not least, is it really fall if you don’t have candles burning all day? It’s an obvious one, but no fall list is complete without candles. Everyone has their scent preferences but this one is my personal favorite. 

There are a million ways to decorate for fall but those were my easiest five ideas to get you started. Hope this inspired you to make your room cozy just in time for October!