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On Nov. 8, 2016. many Americans either cheered with joy or cried in disappoint.

Donald Trump was a elected the next president of the United States, and many of us were surprised with the outcoming.

Staff members shared their disbelief via GroupMe as the polls were coming in.

It came as no surprise that when the race was called, my inbox lit up with interest to write about the election results.

So, I asked everyone on the team to send me a brief response about how they feel.

This is a therapeutic tool, but also a way to let our readers know that we share similar feelings.

These responses were written the night after the election:

Jazmin Washington

My reaction was mostly disbelief and confusion because it’s hard to understand why women (specifically of color) would choose someone who disrespects and doesn’t care about women or their rights or well-being. I haven’t been keeping up with the race from the beginning, but I know nothing but trouble is to come from this point, not only for women but the world as a whole.

Jacqueline M. Pillar

This election has been crazy. The race went from being between a horde of candidates to a sole nominee from each party. I think almost everyone was shocked by the results. Even the political analysts had to admit that their predictions were so far off from the actual results. Many people, especially minorities, are terrified for their lives. The Canadian immigration website crashed last night when Trump was leading in electoral votes, meaning that some people were actually serious about moving there if he won the election. Foreign currencies and stocks plummeted in value. Muslims and Hispanics are deathly afraid they will be deported, even those that have their papers or were actually born in the US. If all of this is happening just because a new president is elected, there is something wrong.

Allison Williamson

The election results made me cry more than I ever had in one morning. I cried for my friends and colleagues and for all my fellow Americans. I have respected some of the values the Republican Party, agreed to disagree on others, but the party has lost that respect. That is not to reflect my relationships with Republicans, for freedom of belief is an American value, and they are still people to show love to. I expect the next four to be tough, but I hope Americans will grow stronger as a result.

Elsa Pair

48 hours ago I would have said Hillary had it in the bag. I really thought she did. We all thought she did. And now, I don’t know what’s going to happen to this country, to my friends, to me, but I’m afraid.

Madeline Reyes

I usually don’t talk about politics because my knowledge is very little. All the racist and degrading comments Trump has said towards minorities and women makes it hard to trust him. After all those years we’ve fought against injustice and social prejudice, I feel like we have set ourselves back. I just hope that all the hard work and effort of the ones before us won’t be forgotten.

Irinia Alejandro

The night started with my high hopes, watching as Hillary won certain states and Trump won others. As other states began to come in, I slowly felt panic rise in my throat and I began to go through all of the scenarios of Hillary’s election. As the night went on, I began to feel fear and anger at the fact that it was such a close election. Why were people voting for a man that has spouted so much hate? Why does it have to be nerve-wracking on whether this country will choose someone that, despite what everyone says, is qualified for the job and someone who spews anger and hatred about everyone but a select group of people? The rest of the night was spent calling my parents and crying over the fact that our nation could elect a man that referred to my people as rapists, criminals, and thieves. A man that has several rape charges against him, a man whose entire platform was “make america great again” when the “great” part they speak about is something that is so outdated and not inclusive of LGBTQ+, minorities, different religions, and genders.

Denia Gomez

While the election was going on I lowkey knew that Trump was going to be elected, but there was still slight hope in that something could change and we could have a different outcome. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. All we have left is to hope that Donald Trump does his job correctly and that he doesn’t burn America down.

P.S. I hope he gets impeached before he even gets the office. Lol

Elena Espita

I am truly at a loss for words about the outcome of the election. As a Mexican-American i am scared. As an American woman I am terrified. I am disappointed by the overwhelming amount of hatred that came through in this election. I think our country is long overdue for change and I hope that we can progress and not regress. Our country was founded on the principles of freedom and equality and guaranteed Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And right now I don’t feel free or equal or like I am guaranteed these rights. Overall i am afraid for the future of our country.




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