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8 Signs You’re A Commuter, As Told By Leslie Knope

If you’re a Coog who commutes then you probably agree with me when I say, parking on campus can be a traumatizing experience. It’s now the beginning of October and this issue has yet to cease to exist. As a commuter myself, I’ve recently just faced a time where I couldn’t find a parking spot resulting in me being late to class. I’m still haunted by the memory and now leave even earlier just to be safe.

As the middle of the first semester is nearing, many are still blind to what a commuter has to deal with day-to-day. Here are eight signs you are a commuter and if you’re not, here are eight reasons why you should sympathize for one as told, by Leslie Knope.

1. As mentioned above, searching for parking is a guarantee meltdown.


2. The majority of your income has to go towards gas, even though you try to salvage as much of it as you can.


3. You are always the one to arrive late to class, and are a disheveled hot mess when the professor asks for a reason why.


4. You have more interactions with the squirrels on campus than actual humans.


5. It’s an odd day when you don’t get caught in traffic.


6. Sweating is no stranger to you, all thanks to the nice hike you have from the Stadium parking garage to the Recreation Center (that’s on the complete opposite side of campus for those of you who didn’t know).


7. Your backpack is ready for every occasion (Rain? ‘Sup umbrella. Take a stumble and cut yourself? Whaaadup First Aid!).


8. If you forget your headphones and aren’t able to listen to music as you walk you firmly believe it’s the end of the world.


So to my fellow commuters, y’all are the real champs. Hang in there.


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