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6 Self Defense Moves and Tips Every College Girl Should Know


An unfortunate and tragic reality for college girl is the prevalence of campus assault.

One in five women, and one in 16 men, will be sexually or physically assaulted while in college. That statistic can be terrifying, but with these self defense tips you can feel a bit safer and be ready to kick ass if anything should happen.

1. Make a scene

If you see someone walking towards you in a menacing wayor, for whatever reason, feel unsafe while walking aloneyell “get back.” Attackers are more likely to leave if they’re afraid someone will hear, so if you can, yell or scream to attract other people.

If you don’t have a rape whistle, get one here.

2. Know your attacker’s weak spots

The eyes, nose, ears, throat, groin, outer knee and inner calves are weak spots on the human body. If you’re able to, aim for these spots when defending yourself since they’re more likely to inflict pain.

3. Using weak spots on the upper body to your advantage

Poking someone’s eye may sound like something out of a sitcom but it is way more effective than you’d think. With your fingers in a “V” or peace sign, go straight for an attacker’s eyes and shove them into the sockets. Don’t be afraid to inflict pain, be strong and do it repeatedly if necessary.

With a straight hand, slap an attacker’s ear as hard as you can. This not only hurts, but will also disorient the attacker and may even lead to unconsciousness or muscle spasms.

To effectively hit someone in the nose, form your hand into a bear claw shape with your fingers folded down toward your palm. Then, aiming toward the tip of an attacker’s nose, push with the bottom part of your hand in an upward motion. This will break their nose and disorient them, giving you a chance to run away while they’re holding their face.

Anywhere that you can hit an attacker’s neckeither on the side or where their Adam’s apple may bewill cause immense pain. With your hand flat and fingers together, strike sidewaysbeneath the chin and toward the center of an attacker’s neck. This will hurt and make them feel like they’re choking.

4. Using weak spots on the lower body to your advantage

The solar plexusa cluster of nerves located at the top center of the torsois an extremely sensitive spot. Hitting an attacker with force in that spot will knock the wind out of them and may cause them to lose balance.

The groin is also an extremely sensitive spot for both men and women. Hitting an attacker’s groin with anything, whether it’s your fist, foot, knee or elbow, will debilitate them.

To cause damage to an attacker’s knee, use your foot to hit the inside of their knee going out or the outside of their knee going in. Both of these moves will cause extreme damage and will give you a chance to get away.

5. Know your weapons, especially the ones on your body

Your elbows, shoulder, knee, head and fist are the hardest places on your body and are readily available for you to use. You must be rigid and taut when using your body to fight off an attacker, otherwise you may hurt yourself.

Pepper spray and pocket knives are some of the most common weapons you can purchase.

6. Don’t give up

If for any reason you end up on the ground with an attacker on top of you, bring your knees up and hit them in the back as hard as hard as you can. They should fall forward over you. Then, twist your hip and lean on your opposite shoulder, using your hands to press against their leg. Alternate sides until you can shimmy out from under them. Once free, bicycle kick them with all of your force. Don’t worry about where you’re hitting, any place that you can hit will hurt.

Other Quick Tips

 Attackers are more likely to go for women whose hair is in a ponytail, so it would be better for you to let your hair down if you feel like you are in a threatening situation. ~ If you have the chance, run. ~ Have your pepper spray or pocket knife ready. ~ Know how to use your pepper spray.

Irina Alejandro is a sophomore at the University of Houston, getting a major in political science and two minors women's studies and international affairs. In her spare time she loves singing loudly in the shower, forcing herself to workout, and talking excessively about politics. She also enjoys long walks on the beach, going to PTA meetings and crying over minor inconveniences. If you want to contact her for a date, leave a comment on one of her articles.
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