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4 Tips for the Perfect Resume

It is that time of the year again. The time where you scramble to remember all of your recent accomplishments to form a cover letter and resume for an internship or job. With these four simple tips  you are sure to land whatever opportunity you are going for!

1. Tailor Your Resume

The biggest mistake people make is using the same resume for every single job application. You should still have one general resume, but just change certain things to show that you have the exact experience required for the job. A lot of employers have an automatic resume filtering system based on their job posting, and if your resume does not contain similar words then it could be filtered out for that job. That is why it is important to tailor your resume to each job description.

2. Powerful Descriptions

A resume that is full of powerful descriptions will catch a company’s attention faster than you can say “new hire orientation.” Descriptions should include powerful adjectives and words that upgrade a basic job responsibility description.

Let’s say at your last job you passed out snacks to children.

A description that would catch a recruiter’s eye is “Efficiently distributed food to adolescents according to dietary guidelines.”

3. Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Numbers make your experiences stand out that much more. Whether it is the number of customers you dealt with, the percentage of profits, or the amount of money you handled, add those numbers!

4. Make It Story Time

Your resume should be filled with stories from your past. Do not include anything on your resume that wouldn’t be an interesting story to tell if you were asked about it in your interview. That is a good way to filter out irrelevant information on your resume.

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