4 Lessons He's Just Not That Into You Taught Me

We would be lying if we said we haven’t all dreamt about our fairytale ending and even after many heartaches and ugly breakups we still keep trying for it. We still put in tons of effort even when the red flags are there. We double text and continue trying when they clearly don’t care anymore. Sometimes we just don’t know when to stop because we are determined to make it work, and as much as we want to make it work sometimes we just have to be told how it is. Straight up, no ifs, ands, or buts we just have to accept the reality that they are just not that into us, and when it comes to this there’s no better movie to tell us how it really is and when to stop then “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

  1. 1. Don’t waste your time on someone who isn’t wasting their time on you!

    We all know it can be so hard to let someone go, but sometimes we just have to let it be. If they aren’t putting in the effort for you then why are you still trying? That little fairytale in your head isn’t going to work out, you can’t magically change them over night for your happy ending. As much as it might hurt you gotta let go and keep it moving because something better will come around when you least expect it!

  2. 2.  Stop Overthinking!

    It can be hard to do, but seriously stop overthinking it. Most of the time scenarios are as simple as they seem and there usually isn’t a whole other explanation behind them. We would save a lot of time if we just stopped overthinking and accepted the reality that they did what they did and nothing can change that.

  3. 3.  If they are mean to you then they probably don't like you!

    We’ve all heard this one before, “they are just being mean because they like you!Let’s be honest, that is probably not the case, maybe on the playground in kindergarten but at this age they definitely aren’t into you if they’re being a jerk. We use this excuse all the time to keep things afloat, but we need to use this as a sign and let them go!

  4. 4. You are good enough!

    Just because something didn’t workout doesn’t mean it was our fault or that we weren’t good enough. A lot of times we blame ourselves when things go wrong, but sometimes things just weren’t meant to work out. Always remember you are enough and if you ever feel anything less in a relationship then it just isn’t meant to be!

“He’s Just Not That Into You” has taught me so many lessons and although some of them are harsh they are the reality of the dating world that we have to learn to accept, so grab your girls and hit play!