15 Christmas Gifts Under $20 for Everyone on Your Friend List

Christmas is right around the corner, which means many people will be realizing with a sense of dread that they only have a month left to shop for gifts. For many, gift shopping is a stressful and unpleasant experience. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of 15 gift items under $20 that you can order for everyone on your gift-giving list!


  1. For the friend who’s always cold (if you don’t have this friend, you are this friend).

Get two fuzzy pairs here for $7.00.


2. For the pint-sized powerhouse.

This pin is available here for  $11.99.


3. For the friend who needs a chill pill.

Help them relax with this soothing body butter here for $16.50.


4. For the coffee or tea addict.

These personalized travel mugs can be bought here for only $10.


5. For the person whose selfies always slay.

Upgrade their selfie game with a clip-on smartphone light here for only $6.57.


6. For the writer.

This customized spiral notebook can be found here for $10.


7. For the friend who loves to sing.

Turn any song into a performance here for $10.00.


8. For the one who likes to laugh at other people’s pain.

This charming book can be bought here for $13.00.


9. For the art fan.

This magnet set can be purchased here for $10.


10. For the Gilmore Girls fan.

This mug can be found here for $13.00.


11. For the word nerd.

These cute quotes can be bought here for $9.99.


12. For the athlete (or anyone with sore muscles).

This muscle balm can be purchased here for $11.44.


13. For the book lover.

These two bookmarks can be purchased together here for $4.16.


14. For anyone who really loves their dog.

This customized ornament can be purchased here for $16.


15. For the makeup junkie.

This multi-pocketed makeup bag can be found here for $9.