A Spoiler-Free Guide for What to Expect in "Elite" Season 2

The Spanish Netflix original show, Elite, premiered Oct. 2018 and gained widespread attention from audiences around the world. Whether viewers listened to the original Spanish audio or used dubbing in another language, audiences were obsessed with the drama and mystery in the eight episode show. Netflix quickly announced Elite season two, which pleased viewers since the last episode was definitely a cliff hanger! Whether you were counting down the days until season two was released or you were skeptical about watching a foreign show, here are five reasons why season two is a must-watch!

  1. 1. New Students, New Drama, New Suspects

    Since one of the Las Encinas students died in season one, it only makes sense to add more students to the mix this year. The new students bring more drama to the mix and also increase the suspects for the crime of season two. Each character has their own backstory that is revealed throughout the series, and this leads to problems with the existing students who are trying to get back to a normal life after losing a friend, a family member or a lover. Don’t judge these characters by their cover because their true colors come out eventually.

  2. 2. Forbidden Love

    Religious, parental, and societal pressures affect every relationship in the show. Everyone loves someone that they can’t be with. Thankfully, the couples we wanted to see more of last season make a big appearance this season. Will they end up together in the end? You will have to watch and see if they can overcome the obstacles between them.

  3. 3. Surprising Twists

    I don’t think anyone could have predicted the events that happened in each episode. This season had more surprising twists than last season which kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Everyone had their own secrets that kept getting exposed as the season went on. Challenge yourself to see if you can predict what happens this season. You may be pleasantly surprised! Or not...

  4. 4. Stylish Characters

    These “rich” kids know how to dress! Almost every character had a killer wardrobe and showed up to school and parties serving locks. Even though they wear uniforms, that doesn’t stop these trendsetters from accessorizing their uniforms and making it fit their personality. If you wear a uniform, you can get inspiration for how to spice it up! Be mindful of the dress code and your school and the lack of dress code at Las Encinas. 

  5. 5. Beautiful Hispanic Men and Women

    If you are a sucker for beautiful people, this show is worth the watch. These young people were definitely blessed by puberty. On top of their looks, their accents make them 1000x more attractive. If you can’t afford to travel to Spain, this is a good way to get a little taste of Spaniards.

  6. 6. ¡Las Fiestas, Fiestas, y más Fiestas!

    Sometimes you have to ask how these students have time to study. All they do is drink and party! This is a reason to watch, however, because these parties are the best place for drama to occur. These rich kids are ready to pay for a bottle of champagne and dance the night away. “¡Que comience la fiesta!” “Let the party begin!”

The writer’s of Elite certainly outdid themselves and made season two a binge-worthy, drama-filled, fun season of a beloved show. Make sure to check it out on Netflix and you won’t be disappointed!