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Pros and Cons Of Owning a Cat While In College

Owning a pet has been described as a luxury. As a college student, being a cat owner is sometimes a lot to take on. However, it is a truly enjoyable experience for many. If you are a college student debating on owning a cat, here is a list of pros and cons that may help you decide if you want a feisty feline:

Pro: Great Companion

Sometimes balancing the craziness of school, work and activities can get a little lonely. Having a cat around will remind you that you’re never alone. If you’re lucky, you may get some quality cuddling time from them, too!

Con: Very Expensive

Vet bills, medicine, cat food, litter and cat toys can really add up. Vet bills often rack up to around $100-$200 a visit, depending on the treatment. Some college students even have to pull from savings, in order to cover expenses. Keep this in mind, because your cat’s health and interests are important and are going to change over time.

Pro: Low Maintenance

Luckily, cats are not required to be walked outside several times a day. In some circumstances, they may also be left alone for a few days without the need of a pet sitter (as long as they have an adequate amount of food, water and litter). They also clean themselves, saving the need for a bath!

Con: Messy Home

It’s fairly difficult keeping your house looking and smelling perfect for an extended period of time. Cats often like to play in their litter, knock things off of high surfaces and run amuck. Also, you must frequently change their litter box, or else your home will smell like a waste explosion. The constant cleaning will take time away from other important school-related work.

Pro: Stress Reliever

It is believed that petting a cat can relieve stress and reduce anxiety, which is helpful for a college student. It’s an incredible experience to be able to bond with your pet! Their adorable little purrs are just the cherry on top!

Con: Bye-Bye, Furniture!

There is a high chance a cat will consider your furniture as a scratching post. If this serves as an issue to you, consider keeping your expensive furniture in a room, in which your cat does not have access. There are also ways to trim their nails, in order to lessen the damage. However, it is highly frowned upon to declaw a cat and should not be considered as an option.

Pro: Great Entertainment

Why go out at night, when you can stay home and laugh at all of your cat’s crazy mannerisms? Well, this isn’t entirely accurate, if you’re devoted to having that “fun college experience,” lol. However, cats are so fun to play with, and they will give you hours of endless entertainment!

Con: Distracting

Cats demand a certain amount of attention depending on their age. If you own a kitten, they will bother you for attention, with no regard to the amount of schoolwork you have to do. The endless meowing and scratching on the door, of the room they are locked out of, will certainly distract you. Invest in some quality headphones or a frequent Jittery Joe’s card.

Hopefully this list opened up your eyes about the reality of being a cat owner in college! Also, if you want to read more about why cats are literally the best, you can check out this article written by a fellow Her Campus UGA writer. Good luck in whatever decision you choose to make in your cat-owning endeavors. 

Jenna is a Broadcast Journalism and Communication Studies student at the University of Georgia. She transferred to UGA her 3rd year of college and has been enjoying it ever since. Her hobbies include traveling, writing, exploring UGA's campus, cheering on the Dawgs every Saturday, going on downtown Athens dates with her best friends, and high-key stanning the contestants on The Bachelorette (#TeamTylerC).
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