6 Reasons Why You Should Be a "Cat Person"

Dog lovers are probably rolling their eyes at the title—don’t worry, I love dogs. Humans truly don't deserve dogs or cats. A pet can completely change someone’s life for the better, regardless of what animal it is. After living with a kitten for just a few days, my attitude on cats has shifted dramatically. I’m not sure I’ve totally earned the title of “cat person,” but here are six reasons why my opinion on cats has changed so quickly.


No Walks Required

When you have an indoor cat, they don’t require being taken on walks. This means that you 1.) don’t have to leave your house and 2.) don’t have to pick up your pet’s poop off the grass. Though a litter box is still pretty stinky and requires being refilled/scooped out, it is arguably better than picking up warm poop with a plastic bag.

Less Noise

Cats are stealthy creatures, which ends up making them very quiet (when they want to be). Their voices are very small compared to the loud barking of basically every dog. Many owners will even put a bell on their cat’s collar in order to hear them walking around!


Dogs require baths. Cats can clean themselves with only their tongue, AND don’t smell bad. Need I say more?

Quirky Personalities

Cats shake their little booties before pouncing on a toy, and they’ll randomly freak out and dash away. When they see something that they can’t reach, they’ll make a weird sound called “chirping,” which is oddly adorable.

Cat Naps

From experience, just play with the cat for an hour and they sleep for two more. Cats take several naps a day, which means less time for you to worry about what they’re doing. If you get lucky, the cat will sit on your lap and fall asleep—it’s a rare occurrence for many owners, so when it happens, it’s extra special.

Less Saliva

When a cat licks you, their tongue may be rough but at least it's dry. When dogs lick you, beware of saliva and drool.

Whether you like dogs, cats or both, pets are amazing and can make you smile. If you say you hate cats, try spending a few minutes with a kitten and rethink that opinion.