Lessons the Disney Princesses Taught Us About Self-Love

Self-care is a buzzword lately. For good reason, we now prioritize and talk about the importance of loving and taking care of yourself. Not sleeping? Canceled. Not calling your mom? Canceled. Maybe we didn't learn about self-care from a Buzzfeed article, maybe we learned about self-love from an unlikely source when we were kids. The Disney Princesses love themselves so maybe they taught us to practice self-care before it was cool. Here are 11 ways the Disney Princesses remind us to practice self-care. 


So maybe a fairy godmother does appear every time you shed a tear, but letting yourself cry when you need to and being okay with it is important. We like to look down on crying because emotions are seen as a weakness to a lot of people. The ideal is to be calm, cool, and collected, but recognizing that crying is normal and sometimes necessary in making you feel better is a big lesson that Cinderella taught us. Love yourself enough to recognize your emotions are valid. 


Protect those who protect you. Mulan taught us to be strong in times when others can't be. Mulan does everything to protect her father and her family which makes her one of the most unselfish heroines we've seen Disney portray. She also taught us to kick butt while making men fall in love with you which is also #goals.  


Don't stick to the status quo just because you think you have to. Merida doesn't want to follow the backwards rules that force marriage upon her at such a young age. She wants to be free to make her own decisions. Merida teaches us to remember to be brave and shake things up. 

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora is always a sweet princess to watch. One of her best qualities is her ability to be a hopeless romantic. She meets Phillip and believes against all odds that they could be together. Believing in yourself and believing in the existence of man of your dreams is a wonderful thing to emulate. 


Moana doesn't take crap from anyone. Yes, she's a teenager. Yes, she's never left her island. Yes, she doesn't really have a set plan, but when Maui talks back she does not take it. He's a demi-god, but Moana recognizes that her quest is important and no one can get in her way. 

Snow White 

Cheer on others! Snow White doesn't have best origin story (with the whole fleeing for her life thing), but as soon as she befriends the seven dwarves she brings a cheery, supportive presence to the group. Bad things happen, but if you always look on the bright side and you might find better things around the corner. 


Life is scary. Trying new things is scary. Leaving your comfort zone is scary. But you have to do it. Like Rapunzel, you need to do things despite your fears and reservations. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone!


Dreams are important. Sometimes life moves slow and things take work even though you want things to work out immediately, but that can't discourage you. Follow your dreams and one day you'll be a real human!

Elsa & Anna

Love your gal pals. There are people in your life who are always going to be there for you. They might be your sister or they might be your BFF, but surrounding yourself with awesome women can only be a good thing. Find a couple of girls who you want ot learn and grow with and set the world on fire. 


Trust your gut. Jasmine knows something is off in the palace and takes everything with a grain of salt. Be sure enough of yourself to know when your gut tells you something-you need to listen.


Tiana is the queen of the long con. You have to work for what you want, and Tiana is a great role model for always persevering (even when you turn into a frog). Know your worth and know you're worth hard work and success. 


The Disney Princess have taught us so many positive things without meaning to and maybe we love ourselves more because of them.

Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash