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Internship Season As Told By The Hunger Games

“And now it’s time for the 74th Annual Hunger Games: Internship Edition,” announced as Caesar would say. Internship season is here and we are all trying to fight to be the winning tribute and claim the most coveted prize: landing the title of Summer Intern. Get ready ’cause the Hunger Games are about to start, and do you have what it takes to survive? Here is the internship process as told by The Hunger Games movies.

1. Searching for applications 

2. Trying to turn in the application before anyone else 

3. Realizing how many internships you don’t qualify for due to your major/year

4. When you see that it’s non-paying, no housing or transportation provided, but it offers college credit 

5. When you’re trying to find a way to stand out in your applications to get noticed by hiring managers 

6.  Cover Letters will be the death of you 

7. Waiting forever to hear back from hiring managers 

8. Targeting people on LinkedIn at the places you’ve applied to so you can connect with them

9. Getting an interview 

10. Not getting an interview

11. Not hearing back from employers at all

 12. Your pep talk before interviews 

13.  Surviving your interview 

14. Even more waiting 

15. Getting denied from the internship 

16. Getting the internship of your dreams 

Congrats, you survived The Hunger Games: Internship Edition!

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