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I Gave Up Makeup for Lent: Here’s How It’s Going

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

This year for Lent, I decided to abstain from using makeup. If you are not familiar, lent is a 40-day period before Easter where many Catholics and other Christians choose something to forgo. Some people choose to give up eating meat or stop listening to music in their car — it is a personal experience that I personally see as an opportunity to better myself and grow my faith. This year, that meant not putting any makeup on my face.

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Photo by Jazmin Quaynor from Unsplash

Before lent started, I wasn’t huge into makeup, but I definitely used it almost daily. I’ve worn heavy foundation or really beat my face, but you could always catch me wearing some glowy eye makeup, long eyelashes, and a pink highlight. I wanted to give up makeup to delve further into self-love (which is something I am a huge proponent of). I wanted to strengthen my faith and recenter my ideas of beauty; I wanted to really rediscover who I am.

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Though I knew this was going to be a challenge, I didn’t anticipate how much I would learn from giving up makeup for lent. Has there been a few times where I wanted to put some makeup on? Yes, there has been — I have an interview for a promotion at work this week, and I know I’ll miss it a little bit then. I am about halfway through Lent, and I have truly rediscovered my beauty. I used to see myself with makeup on as my “true self” — what I refer to as the sparkly version of me felt confident and very #bossbabe but I’ve realized more than my personality and security in myself is the source of my confidence and beauty, not the makeup on my face. ​

Kenzie is an education major.