Celebrating Self-Love on Valentine's Day

It is my 21st Valentine's Day alone—I have gotten quite good at celebrating all the different types of love on Valentine's Day! I think we all need to see Valentine's Day as a celebration of the love in your life, whether it's between you and your friends, your family, or even yourself! Here are five fun ways to celebrate yourself this Valentine's Day—you deserve it!

  1. 1. Start Your Day with Affirmations

    woman smiling at reflection in mirror

    Literally look yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself! You are beautiful, my love!

  2. 2. Take Yourself Out

    person holding a cup of tea with a bowl of nuts/grains

    Get yourself coffee! Or a tea! Or a smoothie! Or all three! Treat yourself to a date.

  3. 3. Go for a Drive

    friends road trip california fall break windows down music

    One of my favorite ways to bring my energy up is going on a drive. Turn on some good music, and release all the negative energy!

  4. 4. Journal

    writing in journal on desk

    I highly suggest writing down all of your worries and negative thoughts and then throwing that paper away. Again, rid yourself of that negativity.

  5. 5. Rest

    If you're as busy as me, rest is one of the best things you can do to show yourself love. Take some time to just lay in bed and let your body rest.

One of my least favorite things about Valentine's Day is that people think it is exclusively for romantic love—totally not true! Self-love is necessary! Take yourself out this Valentine's Day because you are amazing and deserve to be celebrated!