A Guide to Stress Awareness Month

Stress occurs in our lives constantly throughout the year, and we only have one month to bring awareness to it, so take deep breaths and read on to relieve some of that stress!

What is Stress?

Before you learn about how to manage stress (especially before finals!), it’s important to know what exactly it is.

According to the Stress Management Society, stress isn’t a bad thing, and it is primarily a physical response. “When stressed, the body thinks it is under attack and switches to ‘fight or flight’ mode, releasing a complex mix of hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine to prepare the body for physical action.”

This release of chemicals and hormones causes things like blood diverting to muscles and the shutting down of unnecessary bodily functions, like digestion. The problem lies in the fact that when blood goes to the most important muscles for fight or flight, the brain function is lessened, which leads to an “inability to ‘think straight’; a state that is a great hindrance in both our work and home lives.” 

Relieving Stress


Exercising helps relieve stress tremendously. Exercise lowers stress hormones in the body and releases endorphins, which will help lower the stress in your body.


Taking a few minutes to practice some deep breathing exercise or meditation is a great choice, and you can take a quick break from studying or working to find your calm space for better work.


Create a stress-free environment around you for a quick de-stressing. Light some candles, take a bath or shower with essential oils, and listen to calming music to get into the zone to help you relieve stress.

Enjoy life

Take time to enjoy yourself and life. Things like laughing and spending time with your friends and family will relieve stress and bring you happiness. It may seem counterproductive if you’re stressed about work or an assignment that needs to be done, but working under stress isn’t always possible or ideal, and it may even make things worse.

Seek assistance

Lastly, sometimes it’s not something you can relieve on your own. If you feel that your stress is something that needs to be checked out, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about it!

Why it’s Important to Relieve Stress

Stress isn’t something many people want in their lives, and there are different methods that help different people. Try different things to help you relieve stress in your life. You’ll thank yourself because stress can be very painful and negatively affects so many of us. Your health is super important. Also having good health during times when you have big things going on in work, school, or life can be better for you and give you a clearer mind.

Finals are coming up for a lot of us, so try to keep these tips in mind, when you’re going through the hard times in the upcoming days and weeks. Even with anything that you’re going through in life or anything that’s causing you stress in life, think about what stress is and what you can do about it because your health is the most important thing!

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