GIFs To Keep Your Head Up

I found out the other day from a friend that there is this Verizon service that sends photos of corgis from a third-party server. Just that . . . corgis doing corgi things, making your heart melt every day right when you wake up. Of course, I added that to a list of things I need in my life (that list also includes a pet sloth, but we're talking about realistic purchases here). But it also got me thinking. People need a little positivity in their lives, and many things do that. For example, corgi photos or the subject of this article -- GIFs. Many GIFs I find are incredibly positive in a world that needs a little brightness. College students dealing with stress and anxiety, relationships, expectations, and overall academic stressors often need this sort of "keep your head up, you're doing great" sign. When life's rough, you just got to get through it with a smile. So here are some GIFs with the best intentions. Share to a friend or anyone else who needs a reminder that everything is going to be okay.

1) There's this one because who doesn't love dogs.

He's reminding you to smile. *Heart melts.* Seriously, dogs are amazing for therapy. BRB, going to go find this dog to pet.

2) This one to remind you to keep going because you're amazing, dude.

No, seriously, you're killing it. Keep it up, and positive vibes only.

3) This one for all the bright lights in your life.

Keep shining bright during someone's day. You're inspiring with your brightness.

4) And on the same note . . .

You make someone's life so much brighter. Keep being you.

5) If she's not inspiring, then I don't know who is.

Always dream big, achieve those goals and kick butt while you're at it. Don't let haters stand in your way. Maybe you can become a world champion.

6) You guessed it, more dogs.

I send this one to a lot of my friends. It's a pure heart-to-heart whenever someone needs a hug and just a tad bit of positivity in their day. And who can resist dogs? Love and hugs, everyone.

7) There's this guy to remind you that life can be a little confusing and  . . .  jumpy.

Life's "ruff" but you'll figure out. At the very least, you'll have a few laughs.

8) Cue theme song and fast claps.

Friends is great for whenever you need a good laugh. It also reminds you to relax and have fun, particularly like this. Maybe jump in the Herty Fountain to replicate it?

9) I couldn't resist.

Here's a high five for being you. Doggy-style.

10) And to end it back where this article started . . .

Yep, a corgi. Here's one to tell you to keep it up. You've got this.

Or if he's more your style, as a companion to #10 . . .

Hang in there.


With that, I present to you the GIFs that promote love and positivity. Keep your head up, smile, and spread kindness. You got this, and these GIFs know it too.