7 Instagram Accounts That Add Positivity to Your Feed

Whether you're laying in bed, sitting on a bus, or waiting in the long Chick-fil-a line, I think it's safe to say we all spend time scrolling through Instagram at some point during the day. For me, 2020 is the year of positivity, so here's seven Instagram accounts to follow that are guaranteed to add much-needed positive vibes to your feed!

  1. 1. Girl Boss

    Girl Boss shares memes, GIFs, and inspirational quotes!

  2. 3. Happsters

    Happsters shares inspirational quotes plus puppy videos!

  3. 5. Love & Awareness

    Love & Awareness helps build self-love!

  4. 7. Quotes by Christie

    These quotes are also super pretty — great for reposting to your story or saving as a wallpaper!

Make sure to give a couple of these a follow!