5 Things That Happened When I Left My Headphones at Home

Nowadays, people are increasingly attached to their technology. More often than not, we see people walking around with their headphones or AirPods in. We all want to stay up-to-date on our social media websites or tune into Hulu and Netflix. We have become so involved in the digital landscape that we forget that the real world exists right in front of us. When the inevitable happened to me and I forgot my headphones at home, I was forced to take on the real world as one would have in the time before all this fancy technology existed. 

1. You notice a lot more 

It's crazy the things you may miss out on when you have your phone in front of your face. You notice things like the nature around you or the cool things going on around campus. Instead of being in your own little world, you can focus on the world around you and spend time with the tangible things that are right in front of you. 

2. You realize that people have some weird conversations

When people don't think that anyone else is listening, they talk about some crazy stuff in public. We often take for granted that everyone is so wrapped up in their own little worlds that I've heard a range of embarrassing stories from hookup experiences to how they fell down the stairs in front of everyone. No gory detail is spared as these experiences are shared with friends. It's a pretty wild thing to overhear, especially when you aren't expecting it.  

3. You notice how silent it is

Because everyone is always connected to their cell phones, we are all seemingly together but apart at the same time. When you walk around without your headphones on, you notice how absolutely silent it is because very few of us are interacting with each other. It's a strange experience to hear very little to no conversation. Sometimes, it almost feels like everyone is a robot going about their daily duties with no emotions.  

4. You tend to focus more 

While music can be a great way to drown out some of the annoying noises while you're doing some light studying, I've found it difficult to get down to business when I have music blasting in my ears. Of course, every person is different and some may focus better with music, but that is not the case with me. I've found that my most effective studying is done in a quiet space with limited distractions. 

5. You learn to live in the moment

When you don't have the option to be distracted by things such as Hulu or Netflix, you tend to put all your energy in the task at hand. You pay more attention to the people you are interacting with or the class you are in. You will notice things you've never noticed before and become a better person for it. It's crazy on how much you could be missing out on that you aren't even aware of. 

I challenge all of you to leave your headphones at home for one day and see what happens. Your day will have a completely different tone to it. Lastly, you will become a more open individual ready to experience the beauty that everyday life has to offer.