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5 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care in College

Normally when we hear about self-care, we hear about expensive and time-sucking activities like getting a massage or taking a bubble bath. Self-care like that isn’t feasible for most college students, whether if it’s because of the funds or the fact of using a communal shower. This time of year tends to be filled with lots of stress because of finals and projects, so to help cope with this, here are five simple ways to practice self-care in college.

1. Take A Long Hot Shower

When we get busy, we tend to skip one or two of our daily rituals. Some people skip workouts or meals, but a lot of people put personal hygiene on the back burner. It’s easier to push through and use dry shampoo before class, but make time for this one relaxing daily ritual. Sometimes a shower is all we need to clear our head and to spend some much needed alone time with ourselves.

2. Relax And Watch Your Favorite Movie

The difference between procrastinating and resting is that one is done intentionally. Allow yourself to take a REAL break without guilting yourself about all the work you have to do. Set aside two hours to lay in your bed, eat snacks, and watch your favorite movie. Time yourself so that you stop once the movie is over and can get back to work without a hitch. Procrastination can make you feel guilty, but taking intentional breaks will make you feel energized.

3. Take A Walk

Get out of your dorm room or apartment and feel the sun on your face. Just spend 5-10 minutes walking around the campus without your backpack weighing you down and just breathe. Once you go back inside, you’ll feel refreshed and energized after moving your body for a little bit.

4. Have A Meaningful Conversation With A Friend

Talking to someone you’ve known for a long time can be rejuvenating. Call up an old friend or go over to someone’s house and spend an hour having a deep one-on-one conversation about whatever the heck you want. Even if you are an introvert, some social time with a close friend can be a wonderful form of self-care.

5. Do A Brain Dump

During busy times, our brains can feel so full of due dates, vacation plans, internship hunts, etc. It helps just to take out a sheet of paper and write out our stream of consciousness. Write out all your school due dates and organize them. List the books you want to read, goals you want to accomplish, and places you want to travel to. Write about how you feel right now and what you’re looking forward to. I bet you that you will have a page written down within five minutes. Having everything scattered in your brain laid out on paper can calm your mind and get you in a better head space.

What simple ways do you practice self-care?

Triasha was born and raised in metro-Atlanta. She is majoring in Psychology and hopes to work with children with disabilities after graduating. She's a huge nerd and is super into books, Broadway shows, and superhero movies. She loves to write and runs a blog (makingmyway.co) and dreams of traveling to more countries than her grandfather (47 and counting)
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