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5 Self-Care Products to Buy This Valentine’s Day

You might dread the most romantic day of the year if you are single. Why celebrate this sappy day if there is no one to celebrate with? Well, this year, the single ladies are practicing self-love. Independence and self-care are just as romantic as a box of chocolates and red roses. On this Valentine’s Day, you should try the most helpful self-care practice of all: retail therapy. 

Here are five of the best Valentine’s Day items to help you treat yourself on this romantic holiday. Everything is affordable, ships nationwide, fun, and just overall worth it. 

Skin Treatment Candle

This candle by NEOM incorporates rich plant oils and seed butters to fill your room with the smell of essential oils. After you light the candle, the melted oil can be applied onto your face or body to help replenish and soften your skin. You can use the oil in a bath or just use it on your hands for application. Your room will not be the only thing that’s glowing if you have this candle. The product is available online at their website. 

Self-Care Kit

This calming self-care kit by Three Ships includes a lavender toner, piña colada exfoliator, and a green tea clay mask. This three step skincare set helps your skin and lips flourish through intense hydration and removal of any excess dirt or dryness. Your face is sensitive just like our feelings on Valentine’s Day, so be sure to grab this set online or at Target. 

Lounge Lingerie
Slumber Cloud

This cozy lounge lingerie by Parade is the perfect fit for your night in. Made sustainably, they are designed to keep you comfortable and beautiful all day long. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can even build your own pack of different styles and colors. They are available online at their website. 

Apothic Wine

For our ladies 21 and older, we know you will need some wine to feel fine. Apothic Wine is an online winery where you can browse through a variety of bottles with different flavors. Each wine has its own description and background, and you can purchase from a selection of sizes. Get some wine and bring out the snacks because you deserve the drink. You can buy a bottle at their website. 

Self-Affirmations Cards

These mantra cards are a beautiful way to bring self-love on Valentine’s Day. The deck includes 30 cards with self-affirmations that all start with the words “I am.” Nothing says empowerment like these cards do, and reading them every day to reminder yourself of your strength is a huge act of self-care. The cards are available on their website. 

These five items can bring you more joy than your ex ever could. So please, do not call them—ring some friends instead! At your Galentine’s party, flaunt your self-care items, and put a new meaning to love on Valentine’s Day. Loving and caring for yourself might be the most sexy, beautiful, and romantic thing you can do this Valentine’s Day.

Natalia Duron is a Journalism major with a minor in Film Studies and Communication Studies. She enjoys writing, drawing, reading, and listening to all genres of music. As a coffee lover, she loves to try new coffee recipes and visit local cafes.
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