5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To This Fall

Who doesn't love listening to music? We listen to music everywhere we go. Whether its walking to class, driving to different locations or working-out, we find different excuses to listen to our different tunes. But what if you hit a music slump and feel like you're listening to the same things over and over again? Our suggestion: podcasts. We know podcasts sound like something your parents listen to, but there are so many out there pertaining to different areas you may be interested in, plus more are being made for Millennials and Gen-Z. So, you're interested and want to check a few out but don't know where to start. Here is a list of podcasts to check out this fall.

1. The Bustle Huddle

If you are a fan of the popular website, you are sure to love the podcast. “The Bustle Huddle” is your go-to podcast for millennial women.  Each week the editors of Bustle discuss or interview people on topics that are relevant and relatable, such as getting a tattoo, fertility/having kids, paying off student-loans, and what is life after The Bachelor/Bachelorette. From laughing to ah-ha moments, these 30-minutes-or-less podcasts will have you waiting for the next episode to see what topic they tackle next.   

Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify

2. Millennial

No one exactly tells you how to survive your twenties. There isn’t a manual, but there is a podcast to help you. Meghan Tan has captured her life as a 20-something-year-old post-grad through her podcast. Meghan started “Millennial” as a passion project after she couldn’t land a job after graduation. Each podcast documents Tan as she navigates her journey from trying to land a job to deciding to turn “Millennial” into her full-time job. This is a podcast for everyone to show that there's no exact way for you to survive your twenties.

Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify

3. Small Doses with Amanda Seales

Want a podcast that is laugh out loud and relatable? “Small Doses with Amanda Seales” is for you. If you are not familiar with Amanda Seales, she can be seen on the hit HBO TV show Insecure as the hilarious Tiffany. When she isn’t on Insecure, you can catch her releasing an episode every Wednesday. Seales is here to give you jams on life when it comes to platonic friendships, owning your own business, being a nerd, and so many more things that almost all of us deal with in some way. She also brings in her celebrity friends to help talk about certain subjects too. Small Doses will leave you with a smile on your face.

Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify

4. How I Built This

This podcast is for the girl-bosses that dream of running their own business one day, or even the girls that just want to find out more about their favorite company. “How I Built This” is run by NPR and tells the story of how some of our favorite brands and companies came to be, such as DryBar, AirBnB, Bumble, Starbucks, and many more right from the founder’s mouth. You hear about their humble beginnings, to their struggles, to how the company is doing now. A great feel-good podcast to listen to.

Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify

5. By The Book

“By the Book” follows the journey of two hilarious, driven women as they follow the exact guidelines of self-help books for two weeks straight. They’ve covered everything from meditation, to tech cleansing, to the cozy comfort of Hygge. Sometimes the books turn out to be a life changing success, and other times they’re a failure, but it’s always an interesting ride.

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Available on: Apple Podcast and Spotify

Happy Podcasting!

Images courtesy of Jayda Hill.