5 Places To Buy Decorations For Your Dorm Or Apartment

If you are getting ready to move into a new dorm or apartment, or if you are already moved in and your current surroundings feel drab, then you might be in the market for some new furniture or decorations.  Perhaps a new desk lamp or a tapestry to cover up your empty wall space.  Here is a list to help you find some things that you might like.

1. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a furniture store where you can find a variety of options for everything from decor to storage. But PBteen and PBdorm is where you are most likely to find something for a young person’s taste. There, you can find items that are fun and unique, albeit pricey, like bunny task lamps and Hello Kitty bean bag chairs.

2. Dormify

This is another furniture store, but with a focus on products for dorm rooms.  While the website has some things that are made specifically for men, Dormify seems targeted more toward young women.  While their items are not exactly cheap, you can get twenty percent off your first order if you are willing to give them your email address.


SHEIN is a phone app and website for online shopping.  It is mainly used to sell clothing, but the reason it made this list is its selection of sheets and blankets.  Bedding is essential, and if you go to the SHEIN menu and select “Accessories” before clicking on “Bedding Sets,” you will find plenty of options with cute patterns like hearts or polka dots.  Many of these cost less than thirty dollars. The catch is that the sizes are not written as twin, full, queen and king. They are 1.0M, 1.2M, and so on. Select an item and tap the sizes to see the measurements in inches.

4. Wish

Wish is another online shopping company.  While SHEIN mainly sells clothes, Wish will sell almost anything.  Go to the menu and select Home Decor to find a huge selection of things at low prices.  When using Wish, it helps a lot to have at least a vague idea of what you want. You might not find helpful subcategories to filter out the results after you tap “Home Decor,” however, if you know that you want a decal to frame some photos then you can type that into the search and find this cool family tree wall sticker.

5. Thrift Shops

If you shop on a budget, as so many college students do, consider giving thrift shops and antique shops a try.  You can find thrift stores with nice items through word-of-mouth and Internet research. Just make sure you stay safe when going to new places, and avoid stores that are unkempt or dirty.

And there you have it, five places where you can find furniture or decorations for your home away from home.  Have fun.