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5 Little Ways to Clean Up Your Life This Spring

When people think about spring they think about things such as pollen, flowers, rain, warmth, and spring parties. Two important things that people sometimes try to leave out are midterms and Spring Cleaning.  They are tasks that no college kid actually has time for unless they’re trying to impress someone, keep a scholarship, or magic elves come and do it for them. Although physically cleaning is a pain, there are other areas of your life that also need to be cleaned up. Here are five important areas that can help you regain your sanity when it comes to what really needs spring cleaning and de-stressing after midterms.

1.Relationship Cleanup

By your first spring semester of college, if you still have the numbers of people from high school that you have not talked to since graduation, delete them.  This is simple to help clear up your contacts and clear up your mind about who you still want to talk to.  If you’re a senior and graduating in the next couple months and haven’t done this yet, you’re probably about to realize how far removed you are from your high school days.  Also, if you still have the number of that kid from your biology class that helped you pass the class and you know you’ll never talk to again, delete his number, too!  There is no reason to keep them and if you’re sitting there saying “what if I need it for something,” there’s a high possibility that you will never need it.

2. Cleaning Up Your Body

Midterms are slowly coming to an end and you have probably tested the extent of your physical and mental sanity by staying up much later than you should have and consuming more caffeine than you thought humanly possible.  If this is the case, now is a good time to clean up your eating and sleeping habits.  It’s never possible to have a routine sleeping pattern in college with everything going on, but finding a balance until the next hell week hits is a must.  By making time for yourself to sleep, relax, or reflect you will feel happier and more at peace even if you have a lot going on.  Also, eating filling foods that are not from a study hall vending machine is a great way to make yourself feel better after all the caffeine consumed.


3. Organizing Your Days

Spring means stress whether it’s looking for internships, graduating, getting ready for study abroad, or just trying to decide the next show you should binge watch.  With so much going on, it’s good to take time to sit down and make a plan of how to get it all done.  This is tedious and sometimes daunting, or annoying, but it will help you to not forget things when its down to getting everything done.  Each day have at least one task that you want to get done.  It can be meal prep for the week to make those extra busy days easier, or even something as small as finally hanging up that laundry that you did the other day.  Accomplishing something small every day is a good lead into getting the bigger things done.

4. Keeping Up With Your Closet

Spring is when so many styles begin to change, like last year it was printed pants and this year it is flowy sleeves.  You’re bound to have things from four years ago that you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in now.  Whether it is those elementary t-shirts that you made yourself and still have for some reason, or a sweater that you haven’t touched all winter, something has to go.  Closests get so clogged up with clothes that you haven’t worn in a year while other pieces of clothing you have lived in.  The easiest way to get yourself to get rid of things is to look at your closet and if you haven’t worn it in the past year then get rid of it.  If you aren’t sure if you wore it, then for the next year turn all your clothes inside out on hangers and once you wear it, you can hang it up normally.  By the end of the year, if it is still inside out, throw it out.

5. Actually Doing Some Spring Cleaning

When it is all said and done there’s a good chance that your room, apartment, or house needs a good cleaning.  Turn it into a more fun activity by blasting some music and dancing around your kitchen with your roommates or make a game out of it by writing chores on Jenga pieces and playing some Jenga, or by putting Swiffer sheets on your feet and dancing across your kitchen floor.  It’s all going to be a chore, but afterwards you’ll feel better about yourself and your home.  Plus you’ll have less cleaning to do next time you are trying to impress someone.

I am a sophomore at the University of Georgia pursuing a degree in Journalism with a minor in Art History. I love traveling to Atlanta to spend days at Ponce City Market, or just traveling anywhere with great food and cool street art.
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