5 Little Things I Keep in My Backpack

Sometimes you can be what feels like miles away from your dorm or apartment. Here is a short list of the little things I always keep in my backpack. These are offically my essentials, and there is nothing worse than needing these items and not having them in my possesion. Fortuntaley, through trail and error, I have learned to make these items a permanent fixture in my backpack, so I never leave home without them. Here are 5 little things that no college girl should step on campus without.

MY BACKPACK: Vera Bradley Tech Backpack in Marrakesh 

#1 Chargers

You never know how long you will be studying in the library so it is better to be safe than sorry with this one. Even if you always have your laptop fully charged before leaving, make sure you have your charger with you just in case. No one wants to be the person who has a dead laptop and the group project is due in 30 minutes. HACK: To lighten your load, bring your laptop charger as well as the USB for your phone, that way you can use your laptop as a phone charger without needing the wall adapter.

Phone Charger: Anker 24W Dual USB Wall Charger PowerPort 2

#2 Headphones

Never underestimate UGA construction, or noise in general. Headphones are especially handy for listening to videos on your computer or playing your favorite tunes while you study. It is also helpful if you want to FaceTime friends and family without interrupting those around you. HACK: Bring a cheap pair you would not mind losing that you would not find too bulky to carry around.

Head phones: EarPods with 3.5 mm Headphone Plug

#3 Deodorant 

Yes, this is probably the most important. If you know the girl who can walk around campus without breaking a sweat and still manages to smell like cocoa butter and vanilla bean, let me know. Keeping some deodorant with you will assure that your scent and sweat is kept under control. Let’s get real, there are no signs of it cooling down in Athens anytime soon. HACK: Whichever deodorant brand you prefer, make sure you purchase the clear gel version. The solid white version tends to crumble and melt when kept in warm places like your backpack. It can also make a big mess if the lid comes undone.

Deodorant: Secret Scent Expressions Deodorant, 5.2 Ounce 

#4 Mints

Mints serve a dual propose: they can settle your stomach and freshen your breath. After eating on campus, you may need a quick breath refresher before talking to your professors or meeting with your study group. Mints definitely can mediate those Oglethorpe tacos from following you around all day. HACK: Bring a travel toothbrush and toothpaste for those extra long days! You will feel very fresh after a mid-afternoon brush.

Mints: Altoids Smalls Peppermint Sugarfree Mints, 0.37 ounce

#5 Feminine Products

Tampons, pads, pantyliners, you name it — every girl should have a goody pouch that holds her own little mini-mart of feminine products. Mother nature is known to be unpredictable, so make sure you are two steps ahead! HACK: Bring a variety of different sized pads, pantyliners, and tampons.

Pads: U by Kotex Security Ultra Thin Pads

Pantyliners: Always Incredibly Thin Daily LinersU by Kotex Barely There Liners

Tampons: Tampax Pearl Active 

#6 (BONUS) Tote

Sometimes you may run out of room in your backpack or you may need to pick up something for a friend, and a little extra bag may be needed. I always keep an extra tote in my bookbag just in case I run out out of room. It takes up zero space and prevents me from having to carry loose items in my arms. HACK: Match your tote with your backpack for a coordinating look.

Tote: Free gift from Dynamite Athens (Located in downtown Athens, Georgia)