3 Tips to Help You Stay Productive After Midterms

Finally! Midterms are over, and we’ve all made it through half of the semester. I know I am not the only one who already feels burned out. When the semester first starts, everyone is extremely motivated and has many goals, however, by October we are all tired and are ready to be done with the semester. The final months of the semester are just as important as the beginning since the quizzes, final projects and final exams can make or break your grades. Here are three tips to help you overcome the burned-out feeling and help you finish strong.

Tip 1: Go to Office Hours

Every syllabus has your professors’ office hours listed and some are willing to schedule time with you if you can’t make their hours. If your course has a TA or multiple, try to go to their office hours as well to get clarification on assignments that they may be grading. When you find out exactly what the assignment is about, it will be easier to complete. If you already lack the energy, being confused about the assignment can make you feel less inclined to do it. Make time to go to the office hours—a lot of students find out that they do better on assignments and exams if they do.

Tip 2: Get a Study Buddy

Some nights we'd rather watch Netflix than start studying for an exam in advance. In the end, we end up cramming the night before the exam because we feel unprepared. Like a workout buddy, a study buddy can hold you accountable for studying. The nights when you should be studying you will have someone reminding you that Netflix won’t help you get a good grade. Even a study group can help everyone stay on track. I recommend that your study buddy is not someone you are extremely close with or that you are easily distracted by. I know that my friends and I cannot study together without getting distracted after five minutes.

Tip 3: Get organized

When I first got a syllabus for each class at the beginning of the year I was so eager to put everything in my planner. By September, I was barely looking in my agenda and every assignment caught me by surprise. I felt super unorganized and overwhelmed by October that I did not even want to do anything because I did not know where to start. Now I have taken my planner out again and I lay out my week every Sunday night, so I know what I have to do. It helps me focus on specific assignments and I can see when I will have time to take a break and chill.

Think of midterms as Wednesday, aka hump day. Once you get over the hump it’s smooth sailing onward. There is no sense in giving up when you can see the finish line. I encourage you all to work hard so you can finish strong because you can always chill over Thanksgiving and Winter Break.

I hope these tips can help you feel more productive and motivated to do well this semester!

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