3 Reasons Why We Need the Period Blood Emoji

Girls currently send their friends the crying emoji, the calendar emoji and even the red pouting face to communicate about their periods. Unicode Consortium just announced 230 new emojis, and a drop of blood is in the mix. It has been established as the first ever period emoji!

Some are thrilled with the introduction of this new emoji, but others are questioning why it’s being made in the first place. Here are three reasons why we need the new period emoji.

1. Expression

The period blood emoji will make it easier to express the menstrual cycle. Some people who menstruate are afraid to talk about the struggles that come with their period. Part of the reason the emoji was created was so that people feel more comfortable when talking about their menstrual cycles.

2. Prevent bullying

Some young girls are facing bullying for starting their period, causing them to start missing out on school during that time of the month. When people get their period for the first time many of their adolescent peers lack the knowledge of menstruation and turn it into a joke. This makes attending school while on your period uncomfortable and a delicate topic to discuss. Having an emoji dedicated to periods will start the conversation about menstruation at an earlier age.

3. Will help end period shaming

Many people who menstruate often find themselves hiding their sanitary products without much thought, but it shows the level of discomfort they have with their menstrual cycle. According to Unicode Consortium, the Global Girl’s Rights Charity Plan International UK did a survey in 2017 and ended with high results of girls and women feeling ashamed for having a period. This new emoji will bring crucial awareness to the menstrual cycle and will help normalize speaking up about periods.

Menstrual cycles should be viewed as a normal thing. It is mother nature after all.