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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Does it count as a lie if you’re really just lying to yourself? Whether you want to admit it or not, you’re guilty of one of the following, just accept it.


1. “I’ll just have one chocolate chip cookie at ECV.”

No shame, girl. We’ve all been there before.


2. “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.”It’s ok to start your New Years Resolution in March, right?


3. “I’m not going to text him back.”

Yeah, that really lasted long.


4. “I’m going to look cute for class.”

Kudos to those of you who do, but sweatpants are always more appealing at 8 am.


5. “I’ll watch one more episode of Gossip Girl then study.”

Go ahead and just finish the season, you’ll pull an all-nighter anyways. Chuck and Blair’s relationship can’t wait.

6. “I have nothing to wear DT tonight.”

You’re going out tonight and have a closet full of clothes. You’ve tried on at least 5 outfits and still have nothing to wear.


7. “I don’t take a lot of selfies.”

Stop lying, we all see you on Snapchat in class.

8. “I’m a good dancer.”Those are some sweet moves you just did in Jerzees


9. “I would never make it on UGA Makeouts.”No one is safe.

10. “I’m such a good driver.”

That parked car came out of nowhere, right?

Maybe you should stick to Athens Transit…

11. “I’m doing so well on my new diet.”We live in Athens and you can get an entire large pizza for $4 on a Tuesday. Good luck with your diet though.

12. “I practically live at the SLC.”

Yeah, go ahead and give up your private study room. You don’t need peace and quiet for Reddit.

13. “I just keep eating and never gain weight.”

Good one.

14. “I think I’ll go out with my friends tonight.”

You mean a night in with your best guy friends?


15. “I don’t have an addiction to Bulldawg Food Delivery.”

We will all be broke if Chipotle is ever added to the list of restaurants.


16. “#domestic #wifeme”

Congratulations, you finally vacuumed your apartment after two months and baked rock-hard brownies!

Well that about sums things up.

A student journalist at the University of Georgia, Brittini Ray has been writing for HCUGA since fall 2011. This past spring, she became the president of Her Campus UGA. Brittini also interns for zpolitics.com. She hopes to learn more about news and the journalsim industry.   Follow Brittini on Twitter