12 Things To Do In Athens Before Graduation

Athens will always hold a special place in UGA students' hearts even after graduation. For most people, going off to college is the first time you get to be independent and start to figure out who you want to be. Athens is the place where so much learning and fun happens and you’ll carry memories of it with you forever. Do you remember the first time you saw the Arch? The first Saturday you cheered along with the rest of the student section? The first time you tried your favorite restaurant downtown?

Athens is full of great people and places. We know that you could find something new here everyday, but before you graduate and move away from the Classic City, make sure you’ve checked off these 12 classic Athens activities.

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1. Go to a concert



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As they say, "Athens is a drinking town with a music problem!" Since Athens is such a musically involved city, make sure you see a show at a classic Athens venue!

2. Go to the Iron Horse at sunrise

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There's a long history of the Iron Horse and UGA students so make sure you grab a couple of friends and head out to Watkinsville to get a picture with the iconic statue. 

3. Volunteer for a local organization

The Athens community needs you! In order to fully immerse yourself in the community, give back to the people who call Athens home. 

4. Ring the Chapel Bell

This is classic UGA! Make sure you celebrate something by ringing the bell. 

5. Eat at The Grill after midnight

Downtown Athens is always changing, but it's classic Athens to go to The Grill late at night. 

6. Go to a brewery

Athens has some cool breweries that you need to make sure you visit before you leave town and it's back to basic beer. 

7. Dance at Hedges

Even if you don't typically go to bars, everyone should go to Hedges at least once and dance the night away!

8. Jump in Herty Fountain

Jump in like so many people before you. Don't worry, they clean it!

9. Visit the botanical garden

A little ways off campus, but so beautiful. The Georgia State Botanical Garden is great (and picturesque) year round!

10. Go to the reading room in the Main Library

Have you been searching for a quiet place the whole time you've been at UGA? Look no further than the reading room in the Main Library. It's quiet and has a killer view of north campus!

11. Watch the sunset from a parking deck

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If you didn't already knock this out freshman year, make sure you find yourself on campus around sunset and run up 5 flights of stairs to see the sun disappear over Athens.

12. Eat at Mama’s Boy

There are so many amazing places to eat in Athens, but the place that everyone always hears about is Mama's Boy. Don't leave Athens without eating one of their biscuits. 

Four years in Athens goes by in a flash, so make sure you starting checking off this Athens bucket list before graduation!