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10 Power Combos You Should Consider Wearing for Your Summer Internship

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to start preparing for your summer internship! As with any major event in life, it’s only right that your outfits this summer be just as impressive as the resume that scored you the job. From cardigans to blazers, slacks to jeans, we’ve got you covered for any type of work environment. 

1. New Boss in Town 

For the chick who loves to be chic. Pair up your favorite striped dress with a cropped blazer to create a classy look that’ll guarantee all eyes on you. This look is perfect for fashionistas who will be interning in industries such as fashion or business. 



2. Elegance in Power

If skirts are more of your forte, then look no further! Dressing up a simple pencil skirt with a chiffon blouse can change your look from casual to casu-WOW in seconds. Be sure to check with your company’s police to make sure open-toed shoes are allowed. Add a matching clutch to complete your ensemble, and voilà! You’re ready to take the office by storm. 



3. Short & Sophisticated 

Internships can come with high expectations and summer internships mean even higher temperatures. Stunt in a pair of pleated shorts that’ll not only keep you cool but will also maintain your professionalism. Get the “dress suit” feel without the dress by adding a complementary blazer to finalize your look. Great for internships in film and production. 



4.  Casual & Cultivated

Who says you have to dress uncomfortably during an internship? Your go-to button down denim shirt in your closet is just right for the laid-back look you’re going for! If the internship environment you’re diving into is more lenient on dress code, this casual attire will make you fit right in. Suitable for internships in publishing. 


5.  Earth Tones

Come down to earth with a silky warm-toned blouse and skirt duo.  If your internship requires a bit more walking than heels can handle, feel free to trade out the wedges for some comfortable flats! Ideal for internships in the art, floral, and  industries



6. Dawgs at Work

No list is complete without at least one thing UGA-themed, right? Show your school spirit with the classic red and black scheme, paired with a clutch to match. Bold prints are suitable for creative industries such as photography and advertising. Warning: you may or may not feel the urge to yell “Gooooooo Dawgs!” at random moments.



7. Simply Modern

We’re getting wedding planner vibes from this outfit so if you scored a spot at an event planning company, keep this look in mind! In general, sleeveless tops should be warn with caution, depending on the environment of the atmosphere you’ll be working in. 



8.  Bright Colors, Brighter Future

Bring some contrast to the room with a bright colored blouse and patterned skirt. 



9. Blooming in Blues

Give jean skirts a comeback this summer! Upgrade the old-fashioned look with a pair of daring pumps (if your daily tasks permit) and a clutch to keep your necessities in. For atmospheres that are less formal, jean bottoms can be your best friend. 



10.  The Classic

There’s nothing wrong with getting back to the basics. Appropriate for pretty much any environment, a blazer + blouse set is the safest attire to rock at your internship.



Kristen Adaway is a sophomore at the University of Georgia with a slight obsession of Twizzlers, writing and watching corny Lifetime flicks. When she's not consumed with meetings in almost every organization on campus, you can find her writing at Slant News or rocking out to Rihanna in her room. Kristen is pursuing a degree in Journalism with a minor in Sociology, and hopes to one day write for a digital publication.
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