Your Guide to the Best Pizza Pies in Gainesville

Pizza is an art.

From the texture of the dough to the sweetness of the sauce, there’s so many pieces that go into making the perfect pizza pie.

Only, pizza can’t be perfected.

It’s a constantly evolving food and restaurants across the world are finding ways to redefine the traditional – dough, sauce, cheese – definition of pizza.

Just last month a cheesy deep-dish that looks more like fondue than pizza known as “Chicago Pizza” was trending in Tokyo. While we’re busy arguing over whether pineapple should be on pizza, in Argentina, shops are topping pies with intestines, oranges, bleu cheese and pickled artichoke.

I’ll say it again: Pizza is an art.

Being a broke college student, I’ve learned that the extra charge for the all those toppings adds up quick. You can’t go wrong with a classic cheese pizza. 

I don’t pay too much attention to the international pizza scene – mostly because I just get major FOMO knowing I’ll never get to try it – but I do pay pretty close attention to what Gainesville has to offer in the pizza front.

Here’s the breakdown of some of best pizza in town:

For date night: Satchel’s Pizza

Satchel’s has some of the best pizza I’ve ever had – and I’ve had pizza in A LOT of places. The pizza is great, and the atmosphere of this Gainesville staple is so quirky and fun. However, Satchel’s is a bit out of the way and waits can get up to being two hours long. It’s a great option for date night, or for when you have friends or family visiting.




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For a quick bite: Italian Gator

Italian Gator is nothing more than a classic pizza window at Midtown. Yet, every night of the week you’ll see a line of students waiting for their pizza. It’s a great option to run across the street and grab a quick slice for lunch or stop by the window of a long night dancing away at your favorite Midtown bar. Either way, the pizza will be good. 

For the personal pie: Blaze

Okay, I know Blaze isn’t a local Gainesville restaurant, but it needed a shout out. Blaze is the Chipotle of pizza. It’s perfect for groups with picky eaters. Can’t all decide on toppings? Go to Blaze and everyone create their own. I can’t get enough of trying new combinations of toppings at this popular quick bite.

For the garlic rolls: Leonardo’s by the Slice

Leonardo’s has a rich Gainesville history. This historic spot offers excellent pizza, but the real star of the show is the garlic rolls. The garlic sauce is amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to stop by to give the rolls a chance and grab a slice while you’re there.




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For the late nights: Five Star Pizza

Quick. Greasy. Cheap. Five Star is the ultimate college town pizza. This is my go-to fast food pizza delivery spot. I almost always make a pit stop on my way home from Downtown. If you time it right, they’ll have a piping hot pizza ready for you. Five Star is also always running really good deals. Pro tip: order Five Star to the library to help you and your study crew make it through the night.

For the beautiful weather: Humble Wood Fire

If you’re looking for a way to get delicious pizza and spend some time outside, Humble Wood Fire is the place to be. The food truck has scheduled pop-locations as well as a stationary truck at Depot Park. Kick back outside, embrace the ward weather and enjoy one of these incredible wood-fired personal pies.

Other notable pizza spots: Big Lou’s NY Style Pizzeria, V Pizza, Piesanos, Gumby’s.