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Why You Shouldn’t Want a Guy Like Nick Miller

It’s a fact: We all love Nick Miller from New Girl and would marry him if given the chance. The problem with this is that he probably wouldn’t be able to settle down long enough to propose, and chances are if he did, you would be trapped in a toxic relationship. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am absolutely head over heels for the fictional character just like many others, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I could never actually be in a relationship with him. I can’t help thinking he reminds me of so many guys who will never be good boyfriends and who will never change. Because of this, I think we all should see the reasons why you shouldn’t want a guy like Nick Miller.

Just to start things off, he doesn’t understand how to eat a grape.

He thinks this is acceptable, and he’s 30 years old.  

He doesn’t take care of himself, which leads me to believe that he won’t take care of his girlfriend.

Speaking of not taking care of his girlfriend, Nick gets extremely uncomfortable when talking about feelings.

When he does talk about his feelings, it’s usually along the lines of him being annoyed that you’re happy.

At least he can admit that he’s broken – but maybe more than just a little bit.

Because he’s broken, he thinks everyone is out to hurt the people he cares about.

Maybe that’s because he knows he will hurt you. He probably wouldn’t take responsibility for it anyway.

He has no sense of actual regret, and you would probably have the same face Jess is giving him if you were dealing with him.

He can, however, let Jess know that he can’t give her everything.

At the end of the day, Nick is a cutie and should just be our best friend.

I think most of us can get the gist of why Nick Miller, and all guys like him, would be an awful boyfriend. However, I’m sure some of us fell more in love with him after reading this article, because I certainly did. Nick Miller is a great person to have in your life – just not romantically. In the words of Nick Miller, “You should be with someone that is crazy about you.”

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