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Why Join Her Campus UFL?

Her Campus UFL is an equal opportunity organization. All are welcome to apply.

Her Campus UFL is the University of Florida chapter of HerCampus.com, the #1 online magazine for college women. We publish articles every weekday during the fall and spring, plan engaging campus events and create social media content for a community of empowered, creative, go-getter collegiettes. Our team of writers, editors, social media superstars and event planners has earned the Elite Level Chapter ranking — which means we perform in the top 5 percent of all 400+ Her Campus chapters around the world.

We're looking for new team members who are self-starters and passionate about all things digital media and creating content for an audience of college women at UF and beyond. Alumnae of Her Campus UFL have gone on to work for Insider, Vice Media Group, NBC Universal, Her Campus Media, Mashable and Polygon (among many other outstanding media brands and companies).

If you're an undergrad at UF who is:

  • Interested in pursuing a career in any facet of media, communications or digital marketing
  • A self-starter with tons of ideas
  • Looking to join a supportive, fun group of like-minded college women
  • Eager about creating meaningful work and expanding your portfolio

...we'd love to see your application(s)! Keep reading to learn more about our open positions and application details. We have three teams: Editorial, PR/Events and Social Media. We are also opening up a new leadership opportunity to serve on the executive board.

Applications are due Aug. 31 by 11:59 pm EST. Questions? Email Campus Correspondent Jasmine Cubillán at hc.ufl@hercampus.com.

1. Editorial

  • Features writers pitch and write weekly evergreen articles about everything from opinions, Gainesville life, entertainment, style and beauty, health and wellness"I Tried It" pieces, personal essays and all things college life. If you love in-depth articles, interviewing fascinating people, deep-diving into relevant issues and putting your own spin on trends, apply to the features writer position. 
  • News writers set the pulse for the latest happenings, issues and conversations important to college women at UF (and beyond). News writers are welcome to also pitch ideas for feature stories, but they'll focus on writing 1-2 news stories per week on events and issues that pertain to UF students. Required: Published samples that show news-writing skills. Click here to apply for the news writer position.
  • Senior news editors are well-versed in AP style, best newsroom practices and are willing to mentor writers who are just starting out. We want to focus on our local community, especially those who are underrepresented. You will be working closely with our current senior news editor. Required: Previous writing and/or editing experiences, especially in news. Click here to apply for the co-senior news editor position.
  • Features editors are grammar-savvy proofreaders who could recite the correct forms of your/you're and there/they're/their in their sleep. Features editors meet weekly editing deadlines, lead small meetings with their group of writers, send weekly feedback to writers and also have opportunities to pitch ideas and write for the website if they choose. Required: Previous writing and/or editing experience. Click here to apply for the features editor position.

2. PR/Events

  • Public Relations/Events team members are instrumental in the success and promotion of Her Campus UFL on campus and beyond. PR/Events team members plan and execute tabling events, outreach and interactive events partnered with other student organizations, promote Her Campus UFL content on their own platforms and participate in other promotional events. The PR/Events team may also have opportunities to participate in exciting sponsored events and campaigns, like the Her Campus Tour. If you're an event planner extraordinaire, creative marketer or aspiring PR professional, this is the position for you. Click here to apply to the PR/Events team member position. 

3. Social Media

  • Our Facebook manager would know how to navigate this classic platform. We want our FB manager to spread our events and articles efficiently for the best engagement and an effective reach. We are looking for someone who knows how to use all of this platform's features. You will work closely with the rest of the social team to create cohesive content. Required: Previous social media experience. Click here to apply for the Facebook manager position. 
  • NEW - Our Pinterest manager has an eye for the latest trends and the most pleasing aesthetics. For this new position, we want our Pinterest manager to be the go-to person for outfit inspo and have an eagerness to create the perfect mood board. They're always on the lookout for what's trending and aren't afraid to give ideas for upcoming events. We are looking for someone who can utilize this platform's features. You will work closely with the rest of the social team to create cohesive content. Required: Previous social media experience. Click here to apply for the Pinterest manager position. 
  • Our Twitter manager has a great sense of humor and constantly recites the newest memes, while being up-to-date with current events. We want to create an approachable, casual and fun social presence on this platform. You will retweet content from other chapters while creating original content tailored to our chapter. Required: Previous social media experience. Click here to apply for the Twitter manager position. 
  • Graphic designers set the first impression for our content and brand. We want to create an inclusive and empowering environment for all identities. Our chapter is looking for creative and innovative individuals who aren't afraid to push boundaries. You will work closely with our lead designer and will be part of a design team. You should be comfortable working with others, especially on bigger projects. Required: Previous design experience. Click here to apply for the graphic designer position.
  • NEW - Our Content Creators are eager to represent a brand's voice and love keeping up with the latest social media trends. They are comfortable being in front of the camera and are knowledgeable about Instagram and Tiktok's latest features. Content creators can meet strict deadlines and preach effective communication. This position is required to create a minimum of two (2) videos of content each week. You will work closely with the rest of the social team to create cohesive content. Required: Public Instagram and TikTok accounts (we want to be able to give credit where it's due!). Click here to apply for the content creator role. 

4. Leadership

  • Campus correspondent assistants help with running all levels of our organization. We are looking for a member who is passionate about HC UFL and building our organization. You will help lead editorial, PR/Events and social media. You will gain invaluable experience in communications through our chapter! The assistants will also help with campaigns from Her Campus Media. In the past, we've worked with big brands such as Vera Bradley and Garnier. Required: Previous leadership experience. Click here to apply for the campus correspondent assistant position. 

Meet our Campus Correspondent, Jasmine!

Editor-in-Chief Jasmine Cubillán (Coo-bee-yawn) is a fourth-year public relations major minoring in dance. This is her third year on the team and first official year as a campus correspondent. She was previously a Her Campus Media intern, features writer and campus correspondent assistant. Her writing can be found on Her Campus UFL and Refinery29. She loves the fine arts, advocacy and content creation projects, so she is currently trying to gain experience in as many areas of the communications field as possible. Jasmine is passionate about equality, especially regarding LGBTQ+ and women's rights. As a proud Afro-Latina, Jasmine hopes to utilize her position as a way for other marginalized groups to know that Her Campus UFL will always be a safe space for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Her Campus UFL positions paid?

Like the majority of college-level media experiences, all positions with Her Campus UFL are unpaid — but you will, without a doubt, gain invaluable real-world editorial and media experience and expand your portfolio. Her Campus Media also offers internship credit!

2. Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes — you may apply to more than one position, but if accepted, you will only be given an offer for one position. We recommend applying for your top two choices. We want you to give each application your all!

3. What's the deadline?

Applications close on Aug. 31 at 11:59 pm EST. Late applications will not be accepted.

We accept UF undergraduate and graduate students. (Yes, this includes incoming freshmen!) We do not accept alumni or Santa Fe College students.

4. Who can apply?

Questions? Please contact Campus Correspondent Jasmine Cubillán at hc.ufl@hercampus.com

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