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Why Elle Woods is the Greatest Feminist Role-Model of All

Legally Blonde is one of America’s classic chick flicks and it’s not hard to see why. Almost every girl can relate to being knocked down just to stand taller. Elle Woods is an exaggerated form of who most of us are and is, in my opinion, one of the strongest feminist role models in recent cinematic history.

Elle Takes Bad Situations and Makes them Great


We’ve all been there. Unexpected break-ups are the absolute WORST. Elle thought she was going to marry Warner, and with good reason! He was always affectionate and called her cute little pet-names. When he broke up with her, she moped around for a little bit until she decided to follow him… to Harvard Law School. While her friends were out partying up their last semester of college, Elle studied for the LSATs, got a higher score than what she needed to, and began her life in Boston. When she sees Warner with his fiancée, she’s rightfully taken aback and upset. But in the end, she’s valedictorian at Harvard freakin’ Law School, best friends with Warner’s ex-fiancée, and is about to get a fiancée of her own. #Goals

Elle Is Not Fazed by the Haters

Whether it’s “Malibu Barbie” or “YOU got into Harvard Law School,” people are always taking Elle for the “dumb blonde” type. But instead of being rude and trying too hard to prove them wrong, Elle just maintains her bubbly disposition while simultaneously kicking butt. She is laughed at by the intern group for doing Brooke’s Butt Buster Workout, but gets Brooke’s alibi after one conversation. She is scoffed at while trying to complete the murder trial alone, but catches the murderer in a thrilling crossfire. Elle is always assumed to be a throwaway because of her good looks, but sometimes we can all channel our inner Ruth Bader Ginsburg, even while wearing pink custom Chanel.

Elle is a Girl’s Girl

Throughout the movie, there are times when Elle is made out to be a girl who spends her days chasing guys around. In reality, she makes sure her girlfriends are set before even looking at a man. She’s the President of her sorority and has universal acclaim. Her two best friends even go to court and famously exclaim “VOTE FOR ELLE!” She helps Paulette get the mailman and helps Paulette get her beloved bulldog back from her deadbeat husband. Yes, Elle goes to law school to land Warner, but who hasn’t done crazy things in the name of love? Vivian is mean to her, but Elle is always 100% genuine and nice to her. At the end, she is about to get proposed to by Emmett, but her female relationships are much more highlighted.

Elle Woods is a dream girl in all senses of the word, a strong feminist, and someone I aspire to be.

Photo Credit: viewerscommentary.wordpress.com


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