Why Ebay is Bae

EBay is the real bae. You may be thinking “Ew, isn’t that just weird pet rocks and useless junk?” or singing The eBay Song by Weird Al Yankovic in your head. Both are technically correct, but it’s so much more than that! You can buy anything from a car to a piece of fabric (shout out to my grandma who sells tons of fabric on there and got me hooked on the site), to a new Tory Burch bag, to just about anything you could ever imagine.

First off, eBay has amazing prices on really expensive stuff. It’s hard to keep up with fashion and super cool brands on the college budget - I’m not going to pay $300 for Tory Burch wedges because that’s three weeks of groceries, 60 times the cost of cover at The Swamp, 104 slices of pizza at Italian Gator, or six months of study edge weekly and test reviews. But I still really want them.

So instead, I can check out eBay to find stuff that’s new with tags, new without tags, or gently used Tory Burch wedges. Everyone can think I spent $300. And even I, who has too big of a size foot to mention, can find my size, hundreds of items to choose from, different colors and other options.

There are so many cool things I (or friends) have gotten off of eBay. I most recently bought gently used Tory Burch navy wedges for $45. My friend purchased an over-the-shoulder gently used Louis Vuitton bag for $170. I’ve seen ones in high-end thrift stores for $500 at cheapest. Another friend bought a new with tags waterproof backpack from JanSport for $10 (retail is $80). I have seen everything you can think of on there, and at amazing deals. If you are really into brands (like I am) and you’re balling on a budget, eBay is bae.

Also, if you have useless stuff and want extra cash, you can list it on eBay and make some money. This past summer I sold Ugg boots, Coach purses and some jewelry. It was just basic stuff from cleaning out my closet, and I made $170 dollars off of it. I turned around and bought myself some new Ray Bans. It’s like I traded in my old stuff for a pair of new sunglasses, and I didn’t even feel guilty for the purchase because it was literally money from stuff sitting in my closet.

List anything you want and someone may bid on it. New with tag items do the best. You know those old presents you really hated but didn’t have the heart to return? Some random things may do well.

Keep in mind, eBay charges a monthly invoice, but it’s 10 percent or so of what you make, so it’s really not bad. It’s money you didn’t have before eBay, so really who cares?

So next time you need a designer dress, flat iron, a car, a microwave, iPhone or a TV, check out eBay. EBay is bae.

Picture source: o.aolcdn.com