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What Your UF Study Location Says About You

When you need a break between Midtown Monday and Ladies Night Wednesday, Library Tuesdays are the perfect rehab. But with infinite study locations at UF, where you choose to hit the books says more about you than you would think.  Don’t know where to begin? Don’t fret. This library study guide will help you make the most out of your all-nighter.

Marston Library If you frequent Marston, you appreciate the divine art of extreme napping and most likely manage to catch solid Zs in the oh-so-luxurious wooden cubicles provided. If the smell of rich mahogany doesn’t lull you to sleep, and Marston is still your study space of choice, you are probably a freshman or sophomore without a car or Lib West was just too much that night.

The Hub You’re either a freshman who doesn’t know how to work UF WiFi, or you’re chugging Chick-fil-A sauce 20 minutes before your midterm while you feverishly rip through your Study Edge packet for the last time.

Library West Third Floor This floor gets a category all its own. If this is your chosen study location you’d probably be considered Facey with a capital F. Sometimes it seems like third-floor regulars are only there to see and be seen. Do you really need five hours and a booth for your math homework?

Starbucks You’re most likely a grad student or just someone who needs an I.V. of pumpkin spice attached to his or her arm at all times.

Norman Due to this library’s close proximity to Sorority Row, if this is your chosen study space, you are most likely in a sorority or you long to study with females only. You probably also have a Vineyard Vines sticker on your laptop.

Hume The majority of you will read this and think, “Hume has a library?” my point exactly. Hume is the Key Club of studying. Three words: key card access. If this is your study space of choice, you’re probably in the Honors Program and living in either Hume East or West. 

Law Library This isn’t a library to improve your 2048 score or Tweet about how many lectures you have to watch. Inhabitants of the Law Library aren’t kidding around — stay tuned for panic attacks and calls to mom.

Take this analysis with a grain of salt. No matter where you choose to unpack your JanSport, at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to get that A so we can return to Midtown as soon as possible. If your cram session was unsuccessful, don’t worry. Rowdy’s doesn’t judge a B+. 

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