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UF MEDLIFE Volunteer Natasha Galarza

Name: Natasha Galarza
Age: 21
Year: Senior
Major: Biology

Her Campus: What made you decide to join MEDLIFE two years ago?
Natasha Galarza: “Two summers ago, I attended UF MEDLIFE’s first general body meeting, and I was intrigued by the organization and what it stands for.”

HC: Which countries have you traveled to with MEDLIFE?
NG: “I have traveled to Cusco, Peru, and Esmeraldas, Ecuador.”

HC: What kind of assistance do you offer to the communities in these countries?
NG: “We offer medicine, education and development for low-income families all over the world. For example, at the clinic sites, there is a gynecologist, a dentist, two primary care physicians, a pharmacist, a tooth brush station and an education station. There is a project site where we can build staircases, stoves or bathrooms depending on the community’s needs.”

HC: How difficult is the communication between you and the people you are helping?
NG: “Luckily, I had no trouble in communicating with the patients because most of them spoke Spanish in Peru and Ecuador. In Cusco, Peru, however, many people spoke Quechua, the native language in South America.”

HC: What is the most rewarding outcome of the work you do?
NG: “The most rewarding outcome is definitely the moment when the patients, with huge smiles on their faces, genuinely thank us for helping their community.”

HC: Will you be traveling with MEDLIFE over the summer?
NG: “Unfortunately, I will not be traveling with MEDLIFE this summer because I will be graduating from UF.”

Photo Credits: Natasha Galarza

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