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UF Life, as told by Nickelodeon Game Shows

Get ready for the ultimate throwback: Nickelodeon game shows.

From random obstacle courses and cheesy-yet-necessary game show soundtracks to endless amounts of slime, Nickelodeon game shows from the ‘90s and early 2000s – Double Dare 2000, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and more – capture the essence of the era.

Just like the teams of contestants who climb through obstacles and sprint through room after room in search of a mystical artifact, a flag or a buzzer, as corny as it sounds, college students are constantly in search of something – themselves, their career goals, even a spot at Lib West during midterms. Maybe college is just one giant Nickelodeon game show – but instead of winning a fantastic prize (i.e. a CD player) at the end, collegiettes are on the great quest to earn their diplomas.

Here is what life at UF would look like if this were just one throwback game show marathon:

1. Getting caught in a #Rainesville downpour

Walking to class in the rain is basically the same as getting slimed.

2. An umbrella: Do do do do ya have it?

Snaps to you if you read that in the Nick Guts voice.

3. When you think you’re ready for your exam…

Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple has faith in you.

4. …but the first page has you like:

You know it’s bad when you’re ten minutes into the exam and it’s already hard.

5. Then, you find out the exam was curved. *Phew*

High fives all around.

6. When someone tells you to be quiet on the 3rd floor of Marston:

Alright, Olmec, your sass is not needed on this group study floor.

7. When you finally find a seat at the library with a working outlet during finals week:

This is almost as big of an accomplishment as winning the Aggro Crag race on Nick Guts.

8. Wearing “winter” clothes when it drops below 65º in Gainesville:

It’s practically the Arctic tundra.

9. The moment when you make weekend plans with your friends:

The excitement is real.

10. The struggle of deciding where to eat with a group of friends:

Alright, if nobody makes any suggestions, we’re just going to Tijuana Flats.

11. When you’re THAT person at a Gator game in the Swamp:

If you’re not this person, you’re probably sitting in front of them.

Though the glory days of Nickelodeon are long gone, we can still laugh about the cheesy, hilarious moments of our favorite Nick shows and channel our inner game show contestants as we go about our daily adventures in the Gator Nation and Beyond.


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