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These College/Post-Grad YouTubers Will Get You Excited to Tackle This Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

As the new school year picks up, it can be easy to succumb to the drag of your schedule.

As college students, we tend to get tunnel vision when completing small readings and quizzes, and digesting subject material. Our minds get so absorbed in just trying to get by that we sometimes fail to look and be inspired by our “big picture,” which could lead to mental crashes and loss of motivation.

When I was a senior in high school, I felt a similar problem after completing the college application process.

Even though I was working to maintain a high GPA for updated transcripts, I still felt my motivation slipping because I wasn’t there yet. However, since I was truly excited to see what my college years would be like, I was consistently watching college/post-grad girls uploading their life on the Internet.

Seeing how they kept themselves focused on their academic goals and successful side projects while also showing their personality gave me something to relate to — it truly became my pick-me-up. In essence, it’s always nice to have a reminder that so many people are going through the exact same things in college and beyond, and that it’s possible to flourish and find inspiration in simply witnessing that. 


Danielle Carolan (Fashion Merchandising Major @ UGA)

Danielle Carolan has been one of my favorite influencers since I was a sophomore in high school. From Tampa, Florida, she is currently pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising at the University of Georgia.

Her natural sense of drive and positivity has led to big career endeavors, such as multiple merch drops and the creation of a fan-favorite podcast, Gals on the Go, with her colleague Brooke Miccio.

Her list of current favorite things includes spin class, content creation and the occasional music festival. Danielle’s main content consists of college “Week-in-My-Lifes”, sit-down Q & As and clothing hauls that showcase a balance between being a student and maintaining an online presence.

I personally feel that girls who chose to go to an out-of-state college can relate most to her because she has sat down and talked about her experience with being in a new place without knowing too many people.

She definitely shows a more vulnerable side to herself, which is needed in the online community, especially within her targeted demographic.


Brooke Miccio (Recent Business School Graduate from UGA)

Another really genuine source of college/post-grad content is Brooke Miccio, who just recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s in marketing.

Also a self-proclaimed “Gal on the Go,” she co-hosts and creates merch for the shared podcast with Danielle Carolan that was mentioned above.

Her resume includes collaborating with well-known brands, such as Aussie Haircare and NARS, as well as making an appearance in multiple press events and publications. Her content has been on the rise in the months of settling into her new job in Boston, since she now appeals to a new demographic of young working women.

Her streamlined content includes “Work Week in my Life” vlogs and other videos highlighting fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Brooke’s personal brand includes drinking black coffee, coining the phrase “dnt txt” and being super real about the transition from college into the workforce. Within the mix of college vloggers, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of coverage about what happens after, but she truly provides a real and raw insight that receives tons of engagement.


Kate Russell (Nutritional Sciences @ UF*)

Coming from G-ville herself, Kate Russell is a growing college/lifestyle YouTuber who is truly dedicated to her grind. Focusing on health and wellness, she provides vlogs that are geared towards a healthy vegan lifestyle.

I find that UF women (especially APK majors) can personally relate because they experience the same type of campus atmosphere and have a similar mentality/school spirit. The duality between a health-related major and using a digital platform to showcase it is becoming more common with STEM/health degrees, which can provide a lot of inspiration for a very overwhelming field. Kate has partnered with Lulu’s and features a bunch of cute try-on hauls for every occasion.


 Sophia Pruett (Film Major @ UNCW)

Sophia provides a funky and fresh atmosphere with her YouTube space that lets her viewers know that she’s making the most out of college life.

A sophomore at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, she displays her love for film in an easily enjoyable way. Her mix of “Week-in-my-Lifes,” look-books and implementing her own creative concepts makes her videos stand out as something that all college girls can relate to.

Sophia’s lighthearted attitude makes it easy to enjoy her content and have you stay for the more real topics she touches on, such as self-image, college advice and genuine girl talk.

A collaborator with well-known brands such as Clean and Clear and Maybelline, her personality has a lot of relatability that brands take note of.

Emma Topp (Neuroscience Major @ VT)

Currently at sea for a semester abroad, Emma is the pop of color everyone needs in their daily routine.

Known for her thrifting videos as well as her share of college experiences, she’s not afraid to keep it real especially pertaining to her experience with problematic brands. Another source of lighthearted content, her videos provide the relatable mix of college vlogs, fashion finds and upcoming study abroad experience.

Because studying abroad isn’t commonly taken advantage of, seeing the typical school semester with a twist could provide an intriguing perspective for girls who are thinking about the prospect.

Emma has been working with known brands such as Aussie and Panera Bread to allow her to further her digital flow and provides enjoyable content that reflects her colorful personality. She’s bold, a go-getter and is obviously down to shake things up.

Whether it’s to seek out some motivation, grab some stress relief in-between studying or to simply enjoy some relatable YouTuber content, there are so many girls that are reflecting the typical college student and using that to their advantage.

While it’s a full-time job to some, it’s a hobby alongside their 8-5 to others — but to all of them, it’s a place to reach out to us and let us know that they’re going through it, too. 

*Updated Oct. 8, 2019.