A Semester Not-So Abroad As Told By “Friends”

Many of us look forward to a semester off- and I’m not talking about for study abroad. Whether it be for an internship or just a semester off back at home, it can be very exciting when you think about “getting away from all the drama.” If you’re close to your family like I am, finally getting to move back home into the house (and bed) that you know and love is great. But nobody talks about how painful these semesters actually are. Whether that’s because they don’t want to offend their family or are just trying to be positive, I have definitely never heard about how hard it was going to be to go to school before I moved back home. So, for those of you that can relate or are planning on doing this yourself, here’s a timeline of emotions that you’ll actually go through when you’ve visited home, as told by “Friends.”

1. You’ve now moved back home and settled into your beautiful bed, but immediately realized that all of your friends are at school, studying abroad or doing an internship elsewhere, and you’re all alone… with your parents and younger siblings. Yikes.

2. Your parents start telling you what to do and asking where you are at all times like you’re in high school again. Yay, that’s not why I moved out or anything.

3. You start texting, calling, and FaceTiming your friends every day, five times a day, and they start telling you about gossip going on at school (A.K.A. everything you’re missing out on). Oh boy, tell me more.

4. Then, your friends say something that’s super juicy and unbelievable, and you’re all like “Okay, actually tell me more!”

5. FINALLY! You’ve planned your first weekend to visit. You’ve already gotten every minute of each day planned, where you’re going to eat, and who you’re going to see. And you only have three weeks to go!

6. The time is here! You’re visiting this weekend, and you’re picturing it’s going to be all like this…

7. …When it actually turns out to be all like this.

8. And now it’s time to go back home. Time to say goodbye to your actual  home, friends and life. Just another couple of months until the end of the semester.  Bye, love you guys. See you soon.


As hard as a semester away from your new life at school may be, it also can be really nice. You get to spend time with your family, it’s probably the last time you’ll ever get to live at home, and your mom (or dad) can finally cook for you again. Enjoy your time away from it all, because soon enough you’ll be back and want to go home again, but it will be too late.


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