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The Reality of Working Out, as Told by Chandler Bing

With spring break behind us, the bikinis and floppy hats have returned to our closet shelves. Our tanning oils have been swapped for aloe gel to soothe our extra sunburn. And library study sessions have replaced our rigorous gym workouts. In fact, many of us might lose the motivation to work out altogether. This is a topic Chandler Bing understands immensely. Here are the realities of the workout world, as told by Chandler Bing from Friends.

All of your roommates thoroughly enjoy working out.

And for you, gyms just aren’t fun.

Even the thought of working out makes you want to gag.

After a workout, you tend to gain back all the calories you just burned in the meal that follows anyway…

Sometimes, making it to the gym is harder than expected.

Because why exert physical pursuits when you can relax?

And it’s hard to make time for workouts when you have such a busy schedule.

Your dedicated gym-going friends try to help motivate you. But, they face a tougher challenge than they realize.

Like, a really tough challenge.

When you look at the calories listed for the current meal you are about to consume...

You start to accept your body and all its imperfections.

And you choose to focus on your positive attributes instead.

But you do like when people notice your efforts…

Somehow, all your friends seem to have enough motivation to make it to the gym.

Which only makes you have more disdain... for both you and them.

After a good workout, the next two days of sore muscles make you regret all your physical activity.

And for the next week you resemble a couch potato until you can motivate yourself to go to the gym again.

Working out can be exhausting, but the benefits are amazing. Aside from looking great, you’ll feel great, both physically and mentally, and it’s a great way to let off steam and stress as we head into finals season. Try to find the motivation to be a member of the workout world, collegiettes!  

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