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Outside-the-Box Mother’s Day Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Valentine’s Day is long gone, St. Patrick’s Day has faded, Easter has come and come, and that can only mean it’s time to gear up for—you guessed it—Mother’s Day! Choosing a gift can be a baffling task for any occasion, let alone when the gift is for one of your parents. My method of finding gifts for people has always been simple: Pay attention to their interests, learn their favorite everything (color, animal, flavor), listen when they complain about wanting something, and then find a way to combine at least two of those together. Is your mom active? Does she work? Does she love baking or doing crafts? For those of you who may be a little lost when it comes to finding the right gift this year, here are some gift ideas for any type of mom.

The Music-Lover Mom: Custom Mix TapeI love this gift because it’s a perfect mixture of vintage, sentimental and musical. The Milktape comes in the shape of a cassette tape but is actually a USB flash drive that holds about 15 songs that can be easily dragged and dropped using iTunes. It’s plain on the outside for custom decoration and is super inexpensive—only $15!


The Sporty Mom: Monogrammed Yoga Mat or Water BottleStaying healthy isn’t just for young adults. Moms love to work out, too! Getting a monogrammed yoga mat or water bottle would be a nice way to add some flair to her workout accessories and show her that you care!

The Girly Mom: Customized Care PackageShe sends you them while you’re away at school, so now it’s your turn. Get a box, decorate it, and then fill it with things like candles, bubble bath ingredients, lotion, makeup, tea, chocolate and more! It’s perfect for the moms who love to be pampered. Check out these super adorable cupcake bath bombs!

The Crafty Mom: Craft Organizer BoxWhether it’s sewing, painting or scrapbooking, give your mom a way to organize her favorite crafts supplies if she doesn’t have one already. It’s simple and functional, and she’ll probably really appreciate that you took the time to give her something that will make her life a whole lot easier and more organized.

The Geeky Mom: Build-Your-Own Nerdy Charm BraceletWho says moms can’t be nerds, too? This European-style charm bracelet is so cute and is perfect for any Whovian, Trekkie, gamer and more.

The Baking Mom: Frosting Deco PenIf your mom loves to bake—especially if she likes decorating cakes—you may want to consider giving her something like this. It makes adding designs in frosting easier and less messy.

The Wine-Loving Mom: “Bad Day” Printable Wine LabelsFor this gift, I was inspired by my best friend’s mom, who is known for her wacky wine accessories, from custom-painted glasses to silly toppers. If your mom enjoys all things equal parts wine and humor, these printable labels are available on Etsy for only $14.

The Professional Mom: USB Desk AquariumThe world is full of hard-working mothers. This gift is a great addition to an office desk; it’s a clock, phone, pen holder and aquarium all in one!

The Sentimental Mom: The What I Love About Mom By Me BookThis cute, portable, fill-in-the-blank journal is filled with prompts for you to customize however you want. Pages include “You inspire me to ____” and “If you were a scent, you’d be _____”. You can find them on Amazon and other places online for less than $10.

Buying gifts for someone so important and special to you can be quite the difficult task because it’s hard to know type of present will properly express how much your mom means to you. We hope these quirky gift choices sparked some ideas to make that task a little easier. Just remember—most moms are suckers for a homemade card, so be sure to add one of those for a more personal touch!

Savana is a second year student with senior standing at the University of Florida, where she's majoring in Journalism with a minor in Non-Profit Leadership. This is her second semseter with Her Campus UFL, and she works as both the secretary and a writer. She's also a contributing writer for the Florida Independent Alligator, is set to star in an upcoming documentary web series on contemorary feminism, and helps out with a journalism club founded at an elemenatary school in Tallahassee. 
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