New Spooky Movie Picks for October

The month of October is a favorite for many because of all the festivities and its overall creepy vibe.

One of the best ways to get into the spirit is by hitting the movie theater on a chilly fall night. Lucky for you, this October there will be many groundbreaking films of all different genres on the screen. Grab your friends, order the popcorn and sit back to see what this month has in store for movie lovers. 

It’s been seen many times before, but in this new installment of DC Comics “JOKER”, the iconic villain will be played by Joaquin Phoenix.

The film is an origin story for Arthur Fleck who goes on to be known as the Joker.

Arthur is a failed stand-up comedian and is seen as an outcast, who then resorts to wreaking havoc on Gotham City. The movie hits theaters on October 4, join other thrill-seeking fans to see a new side of a zany villain we all know and love.

If classic comic movies and supervillains aren’t your things, Hollywood producers and directors have got you covered. In the new technology inspired film “Jexi,” a man is incredibly reliant on his cell phone, as we all are.

The phone has a newly upgraded artificial intelligence program, Jexi (similar to Siri), which guides Phil into having a better lifestyle. She acts as his cheerleader, informant and assistant.

Phil becomes less dependent on Jexi while she is becoming  more obsessed with him, and tries to deter him from his newfound success.

You’ll be sure to chuckle at this millennial inspired film not only for its relatability but because Adam DeVine plays Phil, the leading role. “Jexi” premieres October 11.

Who doesn’t love a good thrill? We’ve seen it time and time again, each film more intense than the last. But on October 11, a unique thriller is set to hit the big screen and it’s titled, “Gemini Man” starring none other than Will Smith.

Smith plays the role of Henry Brogan, a government assassin who is aging out of his career and is searching for a way out.

On this journey, he encounters a younger clone of himself, Junior. Junior and Henry go head-to-head, with Junior being able to guess Henry's every move.

Henry seeks to find Junior’s creator and despite their feud, attempts to save him from the dark road he experienced himself as an assassin.

What’s so distinctive about this film is that it was conceptualized in 1997, but hasn’t made it to the screen until now. With so many years of development, it's sure to be a film you’ll never forget. 

Whether you’re into the gore and horror of the spooky season, or prefer the “spoopier” side of October, the new Addams Family movie will get you in the festive mood.

A refreshing spin on an old classic, this film animates the Addams Family members in a way audiences have yet to see.

The peculiar bunch enters an unfamiliar territory: New Jersey. It’s pretty much the ghoulish pack against the everyday New Jersey folk who aren’t too happy about the Addams and their bizarre antics.

On October 11, the odd family will begin to be shown in theaters. What makes this film even better is the fact that it’s voiced by some of the best actors in the game.

Chloë Grace Moretz voices Wednesday Addams, Finn Wolfhard voices Pugsley Addams and Morticia Adams is voiced by the legendary Charlize Theron. This new film will be sure to show just how creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky this family is. 

Whether you seek thrill, laughter or a great storyline from a movie, there’s something for you coming out this October in the theaters. Among plenty of other movies debuting this month, these films ensure satisfaction and a good time.

Choose your snack, drink and favorite seat at the theater and get comfy; these films will leave you wanting more.