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Full moons are special astronomical occurrences that happen once a month and are known to be a perfect time for manifestation as well as releasing what no longer serves us. The full moon has been long worshipped in ancient cultures because of its mystical and mysterious energy. The moon’s cyclical nature mirrors life and is very spiritual for many people due to its unique rhythm. The full moon is the pinnacle of the monthly moon cycle and represents a chance for rebirth and new opportunities. Being the closest celestial body to us on Earth, it is easy to tap into the divine energy of the moon especially when it is at its brightest and most spectacular. By connecting with the moon, we can feel more grounded and allow ourselves to be in sync with the universe. 

As the waxing moon comes to a finish and all the energy cultivates into a bright luminescent ball in the sky, we can take the opportunity to reflect on where we are in life and where we want to go. We can recognize whatever is no longer serving us in the present moment and make an effort to release it, whether it is habits, people or physical things. Anything that has not been working throughout the past moon cycle can be discarded to allow for new practices that align with your intentions to come into place. I always suggest meditating under the light of the moon to fully feel its energy and give your mind space to sort through everything and reflect. Journaling will enable you to get these thoughts and realizations out on paper. Then, you can write down everything you wish to discard and let go of on a piece of paper before safely burning or tearing it as a physical representation of the letting go process. 

Since the moon represents feminine yin energy, now would also be a great time to tap into that divine femininity. Slow down, reflect and allow yourself to just be during the days surrounding a full moon. I wrote another article about tapping into your femininity, but things like dancing, yoga, and meditating can be especially transformative during a full moon period. Tapping into your feminine energy allows you to be more receiving and open to your manifestations so that you can let the seeds you plant blossom. 

It can be fun and helpful, though not necessary, to create a full moon ritual for yourself. If you are a lover of the metaphysical, the full moon is the best time to recharge your crystals. The light of the full moon will be able to amplify your intentions with your crystals and bring that energy closer to you. Some like to create a ritual revolving around journaling and meditating with the moon; whatever you choose, make sure it feels good for you. Personally, I like to meditate, do some yoga and journal during the full moon. Once you have mentally and physically begun to release the things that are holding you back, you can create space for the new. I don’t recommend starting any new projects during the full moon, but now would be the time to think about what you want to accomplish and set your intentions for the following cycle. Perhaps look at which of your previous manifestations have come to fruition during this full moon and evaluate where you would like to go from here. The November full moon, also called the Beaver Moon, will be in Taurus on the 19th, so start preparing what you want to manifest and release!

Elysia is a features writer at Her Campus UFL with a major in Economics and minor in Business Administration. Her interests include writing, traveling, yoga, and reading.
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