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I Spent the Week Connecting to My Feminine Energy and Here’s What Happened

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot more talk about feminine and masculine energy. What exactly is masculine and feminine energy? Everything exists with different levels of each. Feminine and masculine energy do not have anything to do with gender, and both men and women will have varying degrees of both feminine and masculine energy. Some people may be familiar with this concept as yin and yang energies, but the idea is still the same. According to The Goop, Yin represents the feminine, an energy that is more nurturing, fluid and creative. Yang represents masculine energy, which is more achieving, dominating and assertive. More simply stated: masculine is doing, and feminine is being. 

Like in all things, balance is important. Since there are good qualities to both the masculine and feminine sides, it is crucial for your well-being to make sure you are aligned with both. When you are working in your feminine, you become more open to receiving, and things can manifest more naturally and easily for you. In a society that places a high value on masculine traits, feminine energy is becoming increasingly elusive. Ever since the start of the semester, I have been hyper-focused on doing and achieving. I have been on my grind in making sure I succeed in my classes and side hustles. It has been very productive, but I have been neglecting my feminine side. This week, I have a break from exams, so I will take the time to slow down and just be. 

Each day I decided to add one new thing to my daily routine in order to connect to my femininity. The first thing I decided to add to my routine was creating a nighttime self-care routine. I allowed myself to be pampered and made an extra effort to take care of my skin and body. A lot of times, I find myself neglecting simple self-care because I’m busy, and it is one of the last things on my mind to complete. I went to bed Monday feeling super moisturized and smelling like vanilla. Not bad. 

On Tuesday, I made it a point to sit outside for at least ten minutes each morning. There’s a lovely patch of trees in front of my apartment where I would go outside, lay down a blanket and enjoy being in nature. I took a few moments to put my bare feet in the grass and connect with the earth beneath me. It is not often that we kick off our shoes and stand on the dirt barefooted in our daily routines. This process is referred to as grounding, and it is scientifically proven to have many health and healing benefits. 

Wednesday, I decided to incorporate daily journaling and meditation into my routine for the week. I set aside at least five minutes to sit in silence with myself and just meditate. I allowed my thoughts to wander before slowly bringing them back to the present moment. I practiced gratitude and reflected on my day. This day, I started to notice a shift in my energy. It’s hard to describe, but I felt more fluid, like my days were flowing better overall. I felt happier and lighter. My friends noticed too; they asked me why I was so giddy all of a sudden. 

On Thursday, the weekend was approaching, and I had the urge to move my body in fun and playful ways. Thursday morning, I had a dance party in my room at 8 a.m. to ABBA and Bad Bunny. I’m sure my roommates love me for that. I then went outside, grounded myself in nature, meditated and made sure to end the day with a face mask and quick gua-sha session. Incorporating dance into your day-to-day routine is a great way to connect to your femininity because it allows you to move in a playful way while shaking out the tension being held in your body. Our body tends to store trauma in our hips, so dancing is a great way to relieve this and let it all go. I found that dancing in the morning left me feeling energetic and alive for the rest of the day. It was a great way to set the tone in the morning. 

Lastly, on Friday, I went to a Yin class at Yoga Pod. This was an excellent end to my week because it allowed for a reviving combination of self-care, meditation, and movement. The class was slow and peaceful, and I allowed my body to flow in and out of each pose (almost) effortlessly. In this class, I held each yoga pose for two to five minutes which allowed a lot of time to focus on the breath, engage in deeper meditation and just be. I left the studio filled with happiness and feeling immensely grateful. 

By the end of the week, I felt more carefree and at peace than ever. I noticed that I was less stressed, and even engaging in social situations felt more relaxed and natural to me. I had more energy and felt like I’d be able to tackle next week with fewer headaches and frustration than usual. I will definitely keep some of these practices in my daily routine, particularly dancing and yoga. It felt good to counterbalance the masculine energy that I have been moving in and transforming into a state of divine femininity. I felt like I had more creative energy within me this week and was able to get ahead on some creative projects I have been neglecting. If you are ever feeling stressed or out of balance, it could be because your energies are misaligned. If you are out of touch with your feminine energy, it may be a good time to bask in nature, move those hips or sit in stillness for a moment.