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JoyRun: The Life-Changing App You Need

Abby Bukovich has been studying in the crowded library all afternoon. When dinner time rolls around, she knows she needs to eat, but she can’t risk losing her table in the library. Pulling out her smartphone, Bukovich posts on the JoyRun app asking for a burger with cheese, ketchup and mayo. Thirty minutes later, her burger is delivered to her study table, and she can finally eat.

Whether you need a cheeseburger while studying at Library West, a scantron for your next exam or a few groceries delivered from Publix, JoyRun has got you covered. JoyRun is a community-driven delivery app that is making a name across college campuses because of its convenience and low cost.

JoyRun is a chat-based app, which allows anyone on the app to send out a request for something they want. However, what makes JoyRun different from other delivery companies, is that you can request items other than food. Say what? That’s right! You can request anything your little heart desires.

Mike Dominski, the growth leader for JoyRun, said, “Last week, at Washington State, someone requested a Beta fish, like an actual fish. And someone picked up the request, went

to the pet store, grabbed them a Beta fish and dropped it off.”

Anyone who downloads the app is automatically eligible to be a delivery driver or a runner, which means everyone has the opportunity to make some extra cash, and as broke college students, we need all the spare cash we can get.

“So say you ran a couple hours during the day, you can easily make 50 or more dollars on the app, per day,” Dominski said.

The app also allows delivery drivers, or runners, to post what they are running for, similar to GoFundMe. So, if you are heading to Chipotle, you might as well post on the app and take orders for Chipotle. Deliver one or two of the requests and your dinner is already paid for!

So how does the payment work? Just enter your credit card information into the app. There’s no dealing with the hassle of cash or the awkwardness of tipping on receipts. A tip isn’t required, and the average delivery fee is $3. You pay and tip through the app. Then, the runners will get an automatic payout at midnight for what they earned throughout the day.

Abby Bukovich also works as a runner for JoyRun and is on the company’s student leader intern team at UF.

“You are getting what you want, but also helping other students. It’s a community-based app, so it’s for friends, by friends,” Bukovich said. “By ordering through the app you are helping give money to another student for something they need.”

If you give it a try, use the code JOYRUN5 for five dollars off your first order. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Features writer and videographer Taylor is a third-year public relations major and this is her first semester with Her Campus UFL. Taylor just transferred from LSU where she played on their beach volleyball team so she is super pumped to finally be a Florida Gator. Since moving to the ville, you can find Taylor either at SWR playing beach volleyball, blogging at Starbucks or staying up too late in midtown. This Summer Taylor is studying abroad with the J-school in Greece and London and then backpacking across Europe. You can follow her blog at sunsandvolley.wordpress.com and on Instagram @taytayyy28
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