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Inside The Mind Of A Chronic Overpacker

As I filled two large cars to the brim with items for my new apartment, I had to wonder if all of these things were necessary. Of course they weren’t—but here’s the nonessentials I brought and the humorous reasons for why I brought them.

The set of 12 matching glass tumblers from Target

I thought it would be a good idea to bring a whole box of heavy, fragile cups to my first college apartment, but I see now that this was a mistake.  When my grandmother advised against the expensive cups, I told her that they would be perfect for all the dinner parties I would be hosting in my new home.  Boy was I wrong.  Instead serving beverages to my guests, they sit on the top shelf of the cabinet collecting dust.  The reality is that those parties are just my friends and I bringing back Taco Bell and eating our weight in burritos on the couch.  But will I take them down from the shelf? Of course not.  I have to be ready for the day someone like Kate Middleton knocks on my door and asks for some water while we discuss my becoming a princess.

My entire jewelry collection

In all honesty, I do not wear jewelry on the daily.  Maybe a pair of earrings for a special occasion or my beaded friendship bracelet if I am feeling nostalgic, but that is about it.  Dorm dwellers know the struggle of having to make do with a small space, so I guess I thought having my own room in an apartment meant to bring everything my dorm room did not allow space for.  That bracelet I bought in middle school with a collection of sea creature charms will be perfect for the professional meetings I might have to attend.  The necklace that really only works with that one shirt is a must in the event that I actually wear that shirt.  I could make it by with two pairs of earrings and a simple necklace, but why not bring it all?

The old homecoming dress

I think we would all be lying if we said that our old formal dresses do not have a special place in our hearts.  I remember feeling like a queen when I walked into my high school’s gym with that puffy dress on.  Several years later, the dress hangs in my college apartment closet.  Why you ask?  When I suddenly get asked to a ball, I will have an outfit and not have to fight the Macy’s at Oaks Mall.  If I am feeling a little blue and need something to lift my spirits, I can twirl in front of the mirror with it on, ignoring the fact that the zipper doesn’t completely zip anymore and the length of the dress seemed to have decreased dramatically.  And I know what you’re thinking.  I did bring the matching silver kitten heels.

The CHM 2045 textbook

So here’s a little background about me.  I am nineteen, could eat ice cream at every meal, and attend the University of Florida to pursue a history degree.  Yes, you read that right, a history degree.  The general chemistry books looks a little out of place between the many books about 18th century France, but I needed to bring it to college because I was at one time a biology major, and if I ever decided to revisit the torture that was chemistry, I have my tear-soaked book to go back to.  This book was naively bought at the UF bookstore brand new, so if someone breaks into my room, they will go for the most expensive thing in the room, the book, and leave laptop and the clothes alone.  I am just trying to stay safe here.

If you also consider yourself an overpacker, I hope you could relate to some of these thoughts.  When we are all packing up our things to move next year, feel free to use these justifications for seemingly frivolous things our moms get mad at us for packing.  Like they always say, better safe than sorry.

Courtney is a freshman majoring in History with a minor in Dance. This is her first semester writing for Her Campus UFL and she's so excited to have this opportunity! Courtney enjoys reading Jane Austen classics, traveling to new places all over the globe, and eating maybe too much Ben and Jerry's ice cream. She's a sister of Delta Nu Zeta, a service sorority on campus, and loves being able to help the community and grow as a proud member of the Gator Nation!
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