I Went Tailgating For The First Time, & Here's What Happened

Surprisingly enough, I have never been to a tailgate for any sport. Football. Basketball. Baseball. Heck, not even for the Fourth of July. It just wasn’t a thing that my family did as I was growing up. But things are going to change, because tomorrow I am going tailgating for the first time! This will be my account of how I feel before and after my first tailgate.


So, I have never gone tailgating for a football game ever since I came to UF. I couldn’t go my freshman year because I was in marching band, and going tailgating before marching onto the field was not a good combo. I would’ve gone last year, but I was either depressed or in the hospital (one time – I swear) for every game. Don’t fret though, I did benefit by selling all of my tickets and making a profit off of them.

I guess I’m regretting not doing anything last year. I was probably scared that I would be by myself and feel left out. Also, I thought I would be judged because of my appearance, too. Not wanting to have more regrets about having the whole tailgating experience is making me really excited for tomorrow though!

The main reason why I wanted to go tailgating is actually because I texted one of my fellow Her Campus UFL writer that I am lonely and want to find a boyfriend (or girlfriend, c’est la vie).  I wanted to get out there, and she he suggested that we go tailgating at some of the frats. I told her that I was super down for it. Still though, I’m slightly nervous about it because anxiety and I don’t know what to expect. But going tailgating tomorrow may help me reduce my anxiety with big crowds of people that I don’t know. This anxiety is why I can’t go out with friends to parties or bars, and I really want to help myself get over that.

Another thing I’m excited for is wearing a cute Gator-themed outfit and taking Instagram photos like the ones I see people post on game days. I always love wearing cute Insta-worthy outfits. Let’s see how this goes!


Okay, not gonna lie – I feel like I didn’t get the best first tailgating experience possible.

I met up with fellow Her Campus UFL writer, Victoria, and we did manage to get one cute picture in front of the Albert and Alberta statues. After that, she suggested we venture onto frat row, and I went with the flow.

Unfortunately, it was so hot outside, I felt like my makeup was sweating off despite me putting on setting spray. By the time we got to frat row, I was felt like an actual sweat rag. Victoria was fine though, since  she likes walking around. When we got to the first frat house, the inside was completely empty. But when we went outside to like their courtyard, it was packed. There were people swaying and such, and I just thought it was weird. Then there were people on their bleachers just standing there holding drinks, trying to look cool (and failing in my opinion). I just thought the whole encounter was weird and awkward – I just wasn’t in the mood to dance in that kind of atmosphere. dance. Victoria could tell I wasn’t feeling it, so we decided to go to other frats to see if they were less packed.

A cycle began where we would go to frats and try to dance, but then they would also be packed. It just kept on happening and happening, and I became tired. One benefit that I learned about going to frat tailgate parties is that they have food sometimes! And honestly, free food always makes even the “crappiest” events better.

Out of all the parties we went to, they were either a hit or a miss for me. Had it not been my first time, maybe I  would’ve had a better time. Looking back though, it just wasn’t as exciting as I expected, which might be why I thought of this experience more negatively. Still, I can say I have been tailgating and I got to have the full experience at UF. Even though there were a good handful of letdowns for my first tailgate, at least I know how to prepare myself mentally and physically for the next tailgate I go to.