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How Handwriting Cards Has Made My Quarantine a Bit Brighter

Quarantine is a tough time for us all, but for some it’s worse than others. It’s mentally draining being stuck inside for months with the whole world pretty much being shut down all at once. It came too quick to prepare for and many people are still trying to find a daily routine that will keep them productive and sane during the chaos. With limited social interaction, it is important to stay connected with loved ones in whatever ways we can. Zoom has officially made its big debut, and FaceTime has always been a hit for situations like this. However, as Apple is constantly reminding us of our increasing screen times each week, we can agree that it’s time for a “blue light break.” Let’s take the time to remember just how awesome snail mail is. Running out to the mailbox and finding a homemade card sealed with a sticker from someone we care about is just about one of the best feelings ever. It’s a nice change in this period of social distancing and is a wonderful way to put a smile on someone’s face.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something so special and heartwarming about writing and receiving handwritten cards. No matter the occasion, I’m a sucker for receiving personalized notes from family and friends. Maybe it’s the fact that a handwritten note is the true expression of a person’s heart, and the words written throughout reflect the love and sincerity they share. The fun part of about writing out cards is that you can personalize them in whatever way you’d like to meet your personality or that of the person you’re sending it to. It is such a neat way to express gratitude, check in on friends just to see how they are or say thank you. Whether you are a creative writer, an artistic soul or neither at all, there are numerous ways to make the card special. Poems, drawings, colors, stickers and sketches are just a few of the different aspects you can add to the card to spice it up. A little glitter never hurt either!

Handwritten letters are so much rarer now than they used to be. In today’s world, most people simply purchase a standard card from Hallmark (not to say there is anything wrong with Hallmark) and sign the bottom. This isn’t very personal. In fact, the words are not even yours when you do this. Virtual cards are also becoming more popular in this digitalized world. During birthdays and holidays, it is more common to post on people’s Facebook wall or share online pictures of the occasion on social media platforms for everyone to see. These are all truly kind gestures. However, these online messages and moments might get deleted or lost in the stacks of other posts just like it. When I receive a handwritten letter, I like to store it in a special box so I can look back and remember the good times. I sometimes look back to homemade cards from friends and family when I am feeling down because it never fails to put a smile on my face every time. These cards aren’t broadcast all over the internet which makes them more meaningful in the long run. It is a message that is solely written for that one person rather than everyone on social media.

So, if you’re bored and need a hobby to keep you occupied, I’m sure a handwritten card would brighten a loved one’s quarantine. It may be old-fashioned, but this simple gesture can be a reminder to a loved one that they are cared for. It is ultimately something they can hold on to throughout their entire life and look back on whenever they are in need some happiness or a smile.

Lauren Reho is a second-year public relations major and French minor at the University of Florida. She loves vintage fashion, travel, and Broadway, and has a passion for promoting inclusivity and diversity in the communications industry. One day, she hopes to work in her favorite destination, New York City, and live out her true Carrie Bradshaw dreams. You can get to know her more through her Instagram and Twitter @laurenreho
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