How to Decorate Your Room for Fall

Once September rolls around, pumpkin spice and fall decor flood social media and retail stores. Every year, fall tends to creep up on us earlier and earlier — the summer mindset leaves, and it’s all about taking advantage of fall festivities. No matter if you live in a dorm or apartment, there are a number of ways to bring spooky season into your home.

Lighting is everything

Setting the mood of the room can be done by buying lights that fit the theme of the Halloween season. In some neighborhoods, residents celebrate October by dressing their homes in an array of lights. College students lack the space that comes with living in a normal house, so we must look to alternatives for decor. Although typical LED string lights can be bought from retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot, spicing up your room with unique variations of these fixtures can add that extra element of cheer. According to Target’s website, by utilizing their Halloween products, you can “cast an eerie glow from your humble abode.” Target sells a variety of lighting resources extending from indoor lights to small lit sculptures. If you’re looking for an affordable item to buy, Target sells the Philips 30ct Jack-O-Lantern Halloween LED Dewdrop String Lights Orange for the reasonable price of $8. This pack of lights does the job by adding a cute surprise for you and your guests.

It’s about the smells

In American culture, pumpkin spice is one of the main aspects of the fall season for many people. Although it’s a simple fragrance, this scent and flavor has developed into a signature aspect of this time of year. Bath & Body Works shifts the stores’ atmospheres by moving its annual fall scents to the front in hopes of attracting customers with their excitement for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Throughout October, the company sends out electronic coupons to entice even more business. They advertise fall as “the most colorful time of the year” which you must “candle accordingly.” Bath & Body Works’ abundance of scents in its body care and home fragrance collections allow customers to pick between natural scents such as “Leaves” or sweeter options like “Pumpkin Cupcake.” The store carries candles, hand soaps and lotion. Although candles add a homey feel to your dorm or apartment, on-campus housing at the University of Florida has rules you must abide by. According to the UF’s Community Standards, “Possession or use of all candles (including wickless and candle warmers) and incense for any purpose is prohibited in the residence halls.” If you are in these circumstances and cannot buy candles, then incorporate fall scents through room sprays and car air fresheners to still achieve the same effect.

Leave it all on the walls

The most effective effort in adding a sprinkle of fall in your room is by shopping for wall decor. If you’re looking for great products for a cheaper price, HomeGoods sells a multitude of fall accessories ranging from the Halloween season through Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the HomeGoods website doesn’t display its products, which prevents customers from brainstorming their purchases ahead of time. If you’re a planner by personality, the Pier 1 website advertises products that can provide inspiration before your upcoming shopping trip. These wall plaques, such as wooden signs, supply seasonal decor that do not “trash” up your home or take away from the interior’s natural design aesthetic. Personally, I have a ceramic pale pumpkin that coordinates with the pink tones of my room and a painted wooden sign that displays my enthusiasm for pumpkin spice. Depending on the regulations of your living space, you can nail these items to your wall or use Command strips. Wall decor can be used from year to year which is why these items are so valuable in the fall. Even a couple of signs can transform your room from basic to spooky.

With the holidays in fall quickly approaching, incorporating seasonal decor into your dorm or apartment can elevate your home’s appearance. Elements such as lights, scents and wall signs accomplish this even if you’re on a budget.